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Contextual Links Building by Blogging and Article Marketing

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Lately google made some changes to their rank algorithm,   in the hope of furnishing it’s search users better results, google engineers published blog post which indicated there were 11.8% organic search results will be affected, in another word, there are about 12% of google search results are considered low quality by google itself. They planned and started the update about one year ago, and recently I see some of my ranks were lowered considerably, the good thing is that those keywords promoted by content rich links are not affected, and a few of them even gained a few positions, it becomes clear that link building the old way is the thing of past, probably due to link spamming sites being tossed out by google.

So what exactly is linking campaign the old way? a large percentage of SEO firms will do this,  they put your links on websites which only exist for holding links, the only updates on those websites are the new links, and most of them are useless, we call these sites link spamming sites. The latest google update will definitely downgrade most if not all of these sites, all the links on those websites will have the same fate.  

Examples will be great for explanation. It was quite some time ago, I started with this keyword, Get Your Hooks Right Here, of course with old way of link building, lately I figured that every site in the campaign had way too many links, worst yet, those sites had no content at all. In the beginning, the ranking of the keyword in question rise pretty fast, eventually the keyword could be found on first page, this was the case until google made the change. Here is another keyword, chain puller , most back links for this keyword are from articles and posts, not too many plain links have been built, you can imagine how this keyword ranks. Old and outdated linking campaign lost to content linking, what’s next? Actually this is all about content, when you create unique and quality content, your rank will improve over time, since search engines are another kind of readers. You probably think there are already too many blogs out there, it’s not true, there will never be too many good blogs, take a look at this blog, sherri hill dresses , I build it as a hobby and kept adding good or mediocre content, and to my surprise, I have high ranks for some of  competitive keywords. Now you can see, blog marketing with great content is the way to go. If you can build a group of your own blogs, for instance Help Yourself On The Road, then it will be easier to do article marketing.

At the end of day all you need to do is to create quality content, publish and share with people, promote your business with the content, this strategy will prevail in short or long term. The virtues, persistence and patience, are essential for your success, long term strategy is required to improve anything of significance, i.e., selling online or improve your search rankings, keep doing what we have to do till the end of world. When publisinh articles, I prefer ezine, new article will be indexed within an hour if not minutes, of course your posts on some blogs will be indexed real fast as well, I believe you should see for yourself, let’s look at this one, Get Your Chains Locked , good writing, interesting content, indexed and cached, this article is a good example of article marketing. 

By the way, if you don’t take social media account, you’re lost. For wordpress blogs, I recommend twitter tools, get a twitter account and API keys, link your blog to twitter, then make sure every new post will post a new tweet, it’s real easy and useful, if you don’t use this tool it’s just too bad.

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Waterfall, cascade 5 – on rice paper, chinese painting

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

top chinese painting paint (total video is 14 minutes, I cut it to 4 parts for uploading)

Duration : 0:3:49


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Chinese calligraphy painting silk mounting & various supplies (lowest prices)

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

top chinese calligraphy
EBay Store from
Large selection of Chinese calligraphy and painting ink stones, wool felt, Xuan paper,
Teapots, brushes at wholesale prices – Guaranteed wholesale prices preferred by:
Dallas Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Association
Oriental Art Association (Irving, Texas)

Mall stores around the U.S. and other wholesalers
Direct import from manufactures in China – lowest prices from entry level to professional qualities of Chinese calligraphy and painting tools and supplies.

Chinese calligraphy & painting brush, Xuan paper, ink stick, inkstones and other Four Treasure items
Lowest Prices & Worldwide Shipping
over 30,000 items in stock

Duration : 0:3:5


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Cai Guo-Qiang Explosion Work

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

top chinese artist Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang, who works primarily in gunpowder, works on an “Explosion Work” on Long Island, New York, in 2006. Video produced by McConnell/Hauser Inc.

Duration : 0:4:6


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How to Paint Red Hot Hibiscus Chinese Watercolor Painting Tutorial(HD)

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

top chinese painting The rice paper I used is Ivory color Japanese rice paper available now at

If you are interested in participate to my year-round online class here is the website to go:

*This hibiscus painting demo that I did this morning was for a friend on Youtube who has requested it long time ago. She is having a surgery today so I did it today with my best wishes to her. Hope she will do well and happy watching the video soon.

Thanks for watching!


Duration : 0:24:40


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Seals for Chinese calligraphy & painting (part 1)

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

top chinese calligraphy Samples of Chinese seal stones

A Chinese seal is both practical as a tool and enjoyable as an art, hence becoming a collectible for scholars and art lovers. These are some of my collections of seals. When choosing a Chinese custom seal for our calligraphy or painting, we prefer better stones carved by professional seal carvers, and the stones need to be in good boxes to prevent dropping or cracking.
Seals are a trusted tool used for the authentication of items of ownership. From government to personal use, seals can represent a persons power, and function as a symbol of authentication in dealings among people.

Duration : 0:3:9


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The Artist’s Uggie Cements Paws at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

top chinese artist Uggie, best known as Jack from the Oscar-winning film “The Artist”, became the first canine to have his paws cemented outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

The star dog officially retired from showbiz yesterday with a ceremony that connected him to Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Taylor, and others of Hollywood royalty.

Uggie rose to prominence after his turn in “The Artist”.

He played a memorable role as Jean Dujardin’s companion in the silent film.

The Artist, which comes out on Blu-Ray and DVDs today, won five Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

Uggie’s trainer, Omar Von Muller, noted how things have changed since “The Artist” was released.

Omar Von Muller, Uggie’s Trainer
“This has been a rush. This has been incredible. All the success in Uggie, everybody says that I’m a great trainer, I don’t think so; he’s just a great dog.”

Muller also urged people to adopt, noting that his star student was adopted.

Uggie’s film credits also include playing Queenie in last year’s “Water for Elephants”.
Fellow canine celebrities Lassie and Rin Tin Tin lent their star power to the occasion, appearing alongside the 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier.

The councilman declared yesterday “Uggie Day” in Los Angeles.

After the ceremony, Uggie signed his “pawtograph” on Blu-ray copies of “The Artist” for 50 lucky fans.

For more news and videos visit ➡ ‪‬
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Duration : 0:1:42


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3D Animated Chinese Painting – Landscape + Poems in English Caption

Monday, July 9th, 2012

top chinese painting Google pictures of Chinese landscape
3D Chinese Painting animation of landscapes and flower and bird video series
The term Chinese Flower and Bird Paintings include flowers, birds, plants, animals and various subjects other than pure figure and landscape painting.
These video series will cover both traditional and modern approaches in Gongbi and Xieyi styles of oriental painting and sumi-e in computer animation of roosters, eagles, cranes, raggedy birds, flowers, crickets, grass hoppers, sparrows, butterflies, dragonflies, insects, and masterpieces by various Chinese painting masters or professors.

Duration : 0:4:29


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Learn Chinese calligraphy stroke by stroke with English caption 6

Monday, July 9th, 2012

top chinese calligraphy Prof. Tian teaches Chinese calligraphy projects and classes for beginners

Duration : 0:3:5


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TOP YOUTUBE INDIE ARTIST – BRANDT MORAIN – RULE OF MAN (Music Video) Unsigned Artists Indie Band

Monday, July 9th, 2012

top chinese artist ‪‪‬‬ Our band refused a chance to be heard on The Howard Stern Show due to it’s pornographic content. See details at our website.

You will not find Brandt Morain “Volume One” for sale at Itunes, Amazon, CDBaby, or any other similar vendor due to their unethical EULA agreements. You can only buy Brandt Morain “Volume One” at our website or our affiliate store front partners.

“The Manning Report” Interview can be seen at:

We offer a FREE MP3 of this song at our website. It is in the best music format possible (True CD quality — 320Kbps). YouTube formats do NOT give you the best music video quality. YouTube is not CD quality. Sample audio of our other songs are also available.

Band / Group Details:

Our debut CD “Volume One” has received great reviews, articles and interviews from Music Review, USA Today, The Manning Report with Dr. James Manning, Alternative Press Magazine as well as contributing writers for top publications such as Rolling Stone Magazine. Our album has received substantial Radio Airplay in Phoenix AZ and Albany NY as the official music for two radio talk shows on stations KFNX 100 and Talk 1300 AM. Additionally, segments from our tune “The C is Silent in Rap” are currently broadcast daily from New York City as bumper music for “The Manning Report”.

Brandt Morain “Volume One” is comprised of multiple genres including 1970-80′s style Rock, Country, A Capella, Christian / Religious, a song that is designed to destroy Rap music, Easy Listening and a few recordings that defy categorization.

In order to bring you the best Christian music possible, our recording philosophy omits recording industry “innovations” such as Autotune. These devices damage a recording artists performance in our opinion, producing sterile results that have destroyed the quality of some of the best Christian songs and other great music in the industry.

Music Review said Brandt Morain Volume One is:
“A Tour de Force of Music”,
“A flawlessly produced album” &
“A complete breath of fresh air in today’s age”.

Eddie and Jared wish to extend a special thanks to our fans, The Father & all the great folks who work with Brandt Morain for their love and support!

Best Wishes Everyone. Thanks for listening!


Jared Brandt & Eddie Morain
Brandt Morain Studios, LLC

P.S. This video has received a lot of attention from India, which is a bit surprising to us. Therefore, we wish to thank all the good folks in India for supporting Brandt Morain — Dhanyavaad shukriyaa India! The video has also received a lot of attention from Great Britain. Go figure. A Christian video rocking in India and the UK—Gandhi wouldn’t eat for a week!

NOTICE I: There are more than one hundred YouTube sites that have stolen the description, tags and title from this video. They have even stolen the video itself! There are also other websites who are selling illegal ringtones of this song. Please ignore them. They are NOT affiliated with Brandt Morain. We really despise this kind of activity. It sabotages our efforts and makes our job ten times more difficult. Like the song says — “Men who steal and Men who cheat”

NOTICE II: We have been approached by several Record Labels with, shall we say, “questionable” backgrounds or ridiculously lousy deals. Be Aware! We at Brandt Morain know how to do research. Every Record Label that approaches us gets a thorough background check before we reply. So, if you are one of these outfits, please do not waste your time contacting us.

NOTICE III: We have been approached by numerous management groups offering to manage Brandt Morain. We are not interested in hiring management. We already have the best manager in all creation–The Father. He is great at his job and He doesn’t even charge a percentage!

NOTICE IV: We have been approached by many organizations with offers to advertise on this video. Why would we want to dilute the quality of our work by smearing annoying and cheesy ads all over it? We are not interested in selling out for advertisement dollars. Please shill your wares elsewhere.

In the words of the venerable philosopher,

“I Don’t sing for Pepsi, Don’t sing for Coke, Don’t sing for nobody, Makes me look like a joke! This video is for YOU!”

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