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How to Mount my Plum Blossom Chinese Painting with Silicone Paper for Dry Mounting

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

top chinese painting Mounting has been a bottleneck in promoting Chinese painting in the world because most framing shops in the West do not know how to flatten the painting on rice paper, which traditionally is done with a sophisticated wet-mounting process. Dry mounting with silicone paper is a cutting edge technology invented in Japan that makes the mounting process so easy. I have adopted it two years ago and have not done any wet mounting since. The advantages of dry mounting include color safe(no running of bleeding colors, fast(no waiting time), and stable(no preservatives needed as in making flour paste), while it does the same function of wet mounting: enhance the color intensity and brightness and flatten the painting before framing.

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For more instructional videos on how to use silicone mounting paper please watch our playlist:

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Chinese calligraphy “dragon”

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

top chinese calligraphy Dragon written in a Chinese calligraphy demo

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Raggedy Bird & Watercolor Flower Painting. Celebrated Chinese Artist Yang O-shi.

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

top chinese artist Traditional Chinese Bird and Flower Painting. By
If you wish Yang O-shi well and have yourself enjoyed her works as tutorial content and her Videos as Training for Method and Style, please email:-
and we will forward your words to her through our American Contact.
I have recently enjoyed Two Beautiful CD’s sent from Yang O-shi herself. These have displayed everything we wished to see in her style, as every artist has their own manner and method, and here it was deemed crucial to see how the birds and flowers we adored were created and how the brush was held, manipulated and administed.
After two beautiful years of learning Chinese Painting, in amongst the fight of normal living, taxes, busy traffic, corporate battles and marketing terrors in a recessive world of financial misery, we look to Yang O-shi for beautiful spiritual Guidance from the study of her Works.
For us, we are lucky, we have never painted aything else, any other way. We simply took up a brush to learn Chinese Calligraphy and instead became adoring of the Spontaneous style.
In our path we have encountered and still encounter the bitterness of Racist Pack-Haters even in YouTube; the Racist, The antagonistic, those who demand we stop the Chinese Arts because they say it is “Theirs”, those who try to sabotage our servers, and on and on.
We simply carry on.
Yang O-shi as our Guide in these matters we follow the teachings of a Genuine and Successful Chinese Artist trhoguh her works and style, rather than destroy ourselves in the embittering of Racial Hatred that still goes on around us.
For now let us sit back and Watch Yang O-shi paint a single Peony.
Thankyou for calling in.
(ATTENTION: Because of the incessant attacks and slanderous manners of SF108 and their followers we have removed rating, video commenting and view counts in respect of Yang O-shi’s name as we have no wish to see such an Artist slandered and marred by the ill Racism we have suffered here for the last 2 years. Thankyou for your understanding.)

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