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All those lurking interior designers. Any ideas on how to do a City styled room?

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

I want to do a room design in sort of a city scape. But I don’t know where to start. All I have right now is a massive grey room. Does anyone have ideas on how to do a city-esque room? Or can you provide links? I’ve been searching around, and I haven’t found anything good, except for a red phone booth idea for the door.

Thanks for the help!
I’m looking for either New York or London. A very grungy city design to be more specific.

What city..Big difference in England, Paris and NYC. Also what mood….Sexy, Night life, Day time, Romantic, Fun….Artsy…Gothic…Old world…1920′s…Modern day.

**Steam Punk.

Ok you have to start of with a defining feature§ion=
Some great art

You want a good city garbage can This you turn upside down and put an old round table top on painted black and grey.

Line the bottom part of your wall with wire mesh

Z brick and grafitti a wall

Find some funky lamps at a thrift store and spray paint them black and silver and rust.

Make a low table from an old pallett. Get 2 …Lift the top boards and then set them together without a gap. For the legs use old lawn mower wheels This will work for your TV and stereo.

Hang the paper chinese lanterns.

Don’t forget the ceiling do an asphalt grey paint on it. 1/2 way accross the ceiling put a city decal then leave the top 1/2 white.

Metal grey micro mini blinds.

A city neon lit poster

Bedding in a shiny black

How do you write in Chinese?

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

How do you write in Chinese?
I’m decorating a cake for a Baby Shower and I would like to know how do you write

”It’s a boy!” in Chinese Characters
Please no online translators, I want as authentic as possible

Thanks! :)

layhoma has a quite adequate answer, but I must say both phrases offered are a bit antiquated. I also have to consider that the characters have to fit on a cake, and to keep them to a minimum, as it may be difficult to write the characters out.

Then there’s the actual writing of he characters, to make them look correct, and to make sure they can be read and understood, it’s important to follow the stroke order, and make sure they are properly spaced and in proportion.

As far as the phrase, you can write: “是个男孩!” (literally, "it’s a boy")again just as layhoma said, this isn’t as much of a set phrase in Chinese as it is in English, but it will absolutely be understood and appreciated just as you mean it, in the context. Really, if you feel up to it, you can write: ”恭喜, 是个男孩!“ (congratulations, it’s a boy), which would be a bit more natural.

Now for the actual writing of the characters: please go to this site:[1] and paste each character you wish to write on the cake into the search field at the top separately, the image on the left will show you exactly how the character should be written out, if you follow it closely (and if you have some skill in calligraphy) you should get some really good looking characters. There are no spaces between words in Chinese, remember to leave even spacing between the characters. If they won’t fit in a line, please break them up as follows:

是个 ((it)is a )
男孩 (boy)


恭喜 (congratulations)
是个 ((it) is a )
男孩! (boy)

You may also want to blow up the characters and print them out for final comparison. Nice gesture, good luck!

Does anyone have or know anyone with Chinese crested dogs?

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

I would like to get one! I fell in love with this breed and would like to get one soon. I already know a responsible breeder AKC registered, but I would like to get some feedback from people who already own them.

I have one. They do require alot of speical care, expecially the hairless. The skin is prone to acne, blackheads, dry skin, sunburn and other irritations and infection.

The breed has many health problems, including Dry Eye, PRA (both types), Cataracts, Closed Ear Canals, Luxating Patella, Luxating Lens, Legges Perthe Disease, Heart Murmurs in some lines, and Allergies.

The hairless is prone to dental loss.. it just comes with the hairless gene. Its accepted in the show ring. Some of the dogs from better lines seen to have better dentation.

The hairless do vary in amount of body hair.. the "true" hairless has little hair, and requires minimal shaving.. they do not typically have the "flashy" furnishings you see in the show ring.. A "moderate" hairless ussually has a strip of hair down the back, and may also have hair going up the legs. as well. A "hairy" hairless can have varying degrees of body hair from there.. some may even be almost completely covered in a fine single layer of hair. Show dogs are typically moderate or hairy hairless, which are shaved.

The puffs have a full double coat. The puff coat is actually easier to care for than the hairless skin! They require the occasional bath and daily brushing, while the hairless may need daily skin care!

They are lively little dogs.. and always ready to do what you are doing. They can be zooming around the yard one minute, and passed out on the couch the next. They will jump and play when you are laughing, or will snuggle on your lap and comfort you when you are sad.

The breed is notoriously difficult to housebreak. They are also very emotional, needy little dogs. If ignored too much, or upset about something, they will often let you know by leaving a little message somewhere in the house!

Mine sticks close to me, but many are known to be escape artists. They are agile little dogs and can climb, jump and dig.

The hairless are little heat seeking missiles. My lap is rarely empty. My crested could lay under the blankets in 90 degree heat! If you have multiple cresteds.. its not uncommon to see them piled on top of each other. They dont care who they are touching, as long as they are touching.. and they will literally lay on top of each other!

The Hairless tend to be more "childlike" in their personality.. more needy and clingy, while the puffs tend to be more "doggy" and have a little more independant personality.

Be very careful when selecting a breeder.. just because someone has AKC dogs, does not mean they are reputable. There is one well-known Breeder who advertises heavily.. she is actually a Crested puppy mill. She has been known under several different kennel names.. and brags about having over 60 champions (thats nothing compared to the number of puppies she churns out).

I would ask around ALOT before choosing to buy.. people can make themselves seem good, but word of mouth is the best way to find out about a breeder. People have had horrible experiences with certain breeders regarding health problems, recieving the wrong puppy, not getting their puppy at all, not getting sent papers.. and I know of one who finally did get her papers.. smeared in poop!

Stroke Order of Chinese Calligraphy: Generally from TOP to BOTTOM (忍又馬善)

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

top chinese calligraphy 楷書筆劃順序
Sample videos for Chinese character standard style “Kai Shu 楷書”
Golden Rules:
General Rule – start writing from top to bottom
忍 endurance
又 too, aslo
馬 horse
善 goodness, good, good virtue

Duration : 0:3:13


YouTube Presents Mayday Concert

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

top chinese artist 五月天「華人搖滾 全球發聲」演唱會 直播時間預告

★YouTube Presents ★
Nov.28 (Wed) 7PM PST
Nov.29 (Thu) 11AM (Taiwan Time)

★Hangouts 視訊聚會★
Nov.28 (Wed) 8:30 PM PST
Nov.29 (Thu) 12:30 PM (Taiwan Time)

立即把五月天 Google+ 加入社交圈


An influential rock band from Taiwan.
With footprints covering Asia, the US, Europe, Australia and other regions, Mayday occupies an unshakable star position in the heart of Asian music fans.

In the 13 years since their first public appearance, Mayday has released eight studio albums. Mayday’s music truthfully voices the heartfelt wishes of young Chinese about their life, relationship and work, and reflections. The pursuit of dreams expressed through their songs have touched the hearts of countless souls!

MAYDAY has won countless awards for music achievements. They received more than 150 domestic and oversea music awards, including the MTV Video Music Awards Japan and Best Buzz Asia Greater China Artist Award, and records they created are unsuppressed in the history of popular music in Taiwan — four-time winner of the Best Band Award, Golden Melody Awards (highest honor in the music field in Taiwan). This year, they were chosen to receive the Best Mandarin Album, Best Musical Arranger, Best Composer, Best Producer, and Award for Song of the Year and are the champion band for 2012.

MAYDAY never fails to create miracles in their concerts and has never ceased to challenge themselves. In over 200 concerts in their world tour, more than 10 millions of fans attended their concerts. For the two consecutive concerts held in Beijing Bird’s Nest in 2012, the 200,000 tickets were sold out in one day. Media in Asia praised MAYDAY as the “King of Concert.” UK media even dubbed MAYDAY the “Chinese Beatles.”

For over one year, the courageous MAYDAY has been the vanguard in the industry and spent over NTD220 millions on their MAYDAY: 3DNA, the first 3D concert movie in the Chinese world.

Currently, MAYDAY is going on their 2012 — 2013 world tour “NOWHERE.”

Duration : 1:5:33