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Raggedy Sparrow Meets Cricket. “Greetings!” Chinese Brush painting plants birds animals, Almost…

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

top chinese painting I have always enjoyed the miniature Raggedy Birds, just merely a celebration of ink and paint and paper. Tiny. And its fun to see their gruff lil faces as they come face to face with Crickets.
I almost slipped up and gave the Cricket a European Top Hat….
Anyway, this was a cheerful practice at the days ending. And I am pleased with the colours.
This is Red Star paper bought for me by a good friend in Dallas. It is very difficult to work with if you are not Chinese trained.

Duration : 0:5:54


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Chinese Bird and Flower Painting Chinese Line Drawings from a very old Book

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

top chinese painting Thanks for looking in today. These are images of a very old book, probably from about 1930 if the packaging is believed.
I do not see this kindof art in any frequency, least of all in Europe so when I accidentally ucovered this book I could not believe what I saw. or England and France, they are both China-dead. For some reason Chinese art is something not include din their vocabulary and I wonder why.
maybe some governmental (mental being the keyword) war issues. Who knows….
Either way, these are beautiful to me and I hope you enjoy them too.
Best wishes.

Chinese Bird and Flower Painting Chinese Line Drawings from a very old Book

Duration : 0:1:54


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How to Paint Hydrangeas in Chinese Brush Painting with Henry Li(HD)

Monday, June 18th, 2012

top chinese painting In this painting, I drew my inspirations, first, from my late teacher Zhang Zhengyin, who sent me a sample painting with white hydrangeas 24 years ago when I just came to the USA; and second, from the real flowers. When I look at hydrangeas it reminds me of fireworks for some reason, maybe because of the timing that 4th of July is just around the corner but also the shape and the colors of the hydrangea flowers, all that set the mood of this painting. I hope you enjoy watching the whole process although might be a little too long. Like I said in my chrysanthemum class, which will be shown next month in my class, drawing those flower petals one by one makes us calm down and brings inner peace to our mind. So, thanks for your patience!
For those of you who likes to take an online class from me now it’s time to register, the class will start on July 16th. For more info please visit

Someone asked me how to make a piece of paper into he fan face shape, and I tried to show in this photo. Just fold it inhalf and then start from the center to make multiple slant folds, with narrower bottom and wider top. Then cut the top and bottom off. Here you go the fan face. The paper used is quite bigger than you might think you need, you may use your wasted painting or newspaper to try this.

Happy 4th of July!

God bless America!


P.S. the paper I used was antique-colored Xuan which you can purchase from our online store

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Raggedy Cockerel Rooster. Chinese Bird and Flower Painting. Cockerel/Rooster Paitning

Friday, June 15th, 2012

top chinese painting Its been a long while since I did a Rooster, r a Cockerel as I think we call them.
I find them difficult as their necks can be all sorts of lengths bt it needs to be right……..
The paper is alot of fun to use, as you can see it sucks in the paint with a thirst. I like that.
My white is maries white and used “wet” it doesnt cover the paper very much and I dont really know how to use it otherwise on this paper.
I wonder what other really opaque white I could use instead, or do I layer it or use it thick. ???
I have no idea.
Maybe you just use it like chalk.
He’s cute and he looks lke a roster and as far as I could, I have tried to use the Chinese method.
I love painting the birds.
I hope this entertained.
Best wsihes always.

Duration : 0:5:7


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Rose 1

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

top chinese painting Chinese painting lesson by Ning Yeh. Dr. Yeh teaches at Coastline College in Southern California. He is a winner of Emmy Award ( Best Instructional TV Series). This is a part of his lesson on Rose.

Duration : 0:2:37


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How to Mount Chinese Painting or Sumi-e (1)

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

top chinese painting Please visit to buy the mounting brushes, alum and other supplies.

This video shows you the materials needed to mount Chinese painting.

Duration : 0:8:9


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chrysanthemum 1

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

top chinese painting A simple practice of Chinese painting of chrysanthemum in Chinese brush techniques is one of China’s best resources of Chinese painting videos and pictures download

Duration : 0:2:31


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Chinese Painting Class Lesson 1 Trailer: Landscape(Shanshui or “Mountains and Water”) with Henry Li

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

top chinese painting For more info about the class please see

This is a trailer of the introduction on Chinese landscape painting (shanshui or “mountains and water”) in my online painting class.
For more information please go to http://ChineseBrushPainting.Ning.Com

Duration : 0:3:52


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I got Chinese painting/calligraphy video

Monday, May 28th, 2012

top chinese painting I am so happy that we can all learn the from the best

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3D Chinese Painting Exhibition Screen Tests Stage 3 Animation Medieval Village

Friday, May 25th, 2012

top chinese painting STAGE 3. Using Reallusions iClone v.3 Professional.
Animated Chinese Painting Exhibition in a Medieval Viollage Environment.
This is a series of panning screen tests for the scene through several different weather conditions. Snow, sun, night, mist etc.
So, now that I have this done I can concentrate on the pictures. The idea being to make the environment match the pictures… as best I can anyway.
It’s alot of fun but we will see the finished results soon.
Thanks for calling by.

3D Chinese Painting Exhibition Screen Tests Stage 2 Animation Medieval Village

Duration : 0:5:34


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