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Incredibly Talented Chinese ‘Sugar Painter’

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

top chinese painting

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The Art of Chinese Face Mask Changing

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

top chinese artist 变脸, 變臉, Biàn Liǎn more commonly known as face changing is a 300 year old tradition set within Chinese Sichuan opera that began during the reign of the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong (1736-1795).

Originally performers would blow into a bowl of coloured powder which would stick to their well oiled skin to actors smearing themselves with paint that would be hidden within the palms of their hands.

The focus of the art is to represent mood and emotion as an actor performs their piece with blacks and reds representing anger and fury while blues would represent calmness.

Biàn Liǎn is a hugely popular art-form with the Chinese being very proud of its history and skill and it shows as crowds still flock today to see the best performers. It has even the source for a 1996 film The King of Masks.

Very few people have been taught Biàn Liǎn and has mainly continued via lineage, although it is noted there are a few people outside of China who can perform this and one Hong Kong pop star Andy Lau had allegedly paid a substantial sum to learn the art but he is yet to master it.

One modern day performer of face changing is He Hongqing who is a master of the art and has practised for many years, he also makes all of his own masks!

The 45-year-old He makes all the brightly coloured masks, which he switches at mind-boggling speed at popular performances, himself and usually wears 10 layers at one show.

The beauty of his art, He says, lies in its secrecy.

“What is amazing about face changing is its mystery. Through performance and movements, performers are in effect playing with magic. In fact, face changing is a kind of magic,” said He.

He can slip off his masks within a fraction of a second, and has been deemed the fastest face changing artist in the country by state-run China Central Television.

Video courtesy of New Tang Dynasty Television @

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Easy Chinese Nail Art Tutorial! #29

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

top chinese artist Hi there! I hope you will enjoy this easy Chinese nail art using a needle.
I think it will fit with nay color combination, and … don’t spend your time, try it out!

I wish you a wonderful day and take care!

I used:
Base and top coat (LA Colors)
Base color (NYC – Kisses)
Burgundy (NYC)
Dark blue (NYC)
White (Sally Hansen)

a needle…

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