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Peter Suk-Sin Chan- Chinese Painting – Art Exhibition

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

top chinese painting This video is taken by me in which you can see many artist’s work and my painting too. This video show one of my painting-the 2 birds up in a Cherry Blossom tree.Which symbolize,you are moving right up to the top in anything you do, a very good oman . I hope you like this paitning and my name is Peter Suk-Sin Chan

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Raggedy Cockerel Rooster. Chinese Bird and Flower Painting. Cockerel/Rooster Paitning

Friday, June 15th, 2012

top chinese painting Its been a long while since I did a Rooster, r a Cockerel as I think we call them.
I find them difficult as their necks can be all sorts of lengths bt it needs to be right……..
The paper is alot of fun to use, as you can see it sucks in the paint with a thirst. I like that.
My white is maries white and used “wet” it doesnt cover the paper very much and I dont really know how to use it otherwise on this paper.
I wonder what other really opaque white I could use instead, or do I layer it or use it thick. ???
I have no idea.
Maybe you just use it like chalk.
He’s cute and he looks lke a roster and as far as I could, I have tried to use the Chinese method.
I love painting the birds.
I hope this entertained.
Best wsihes always.

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Peony, Rose, Orchid, and Flowers Chinese painting by Cui Qingguo 02

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

top chinese painting Google Chinese painting pictures 崔庆国
Famous Chinese painter 崔庆国 teaches Chinese flower and bird paintings
Basic skills of watercolor and Chinese calligraphy are recommended for learning these popular subjects.

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Thursday, February 9th, 2012

top chinese painting Yang O-shi is one of the most under celebrated Chinese Artists in Europe. Why is it that Europe so insists on ignoring Chinese Art?
Here is a very GOOD look inside Yang O-shi’s book Painting Little Birds. if you want to see the simplest instruction manual, AND plants, leaves, flowers, trees, branches, boughs and other elements like bees, crickets and moths as incidental parts of her compositions this is the book for you.
I have been studying Yang O-shi for the last three months and trying my hand at her work for about 6 weeks.
This really IS a book you should have.
I cannot paint, and never have but this book has shown me with its inspirational style, the means to work hard enough to make a bird in chinese paints.
My best wishes to Yang O-shi.

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WHAT IS / ISN’T Traditional Chinese Painting with Watercolor. Google Image Inspired.

Monday, February 6th, 2012

top chinese painting In traditional Chinese painting, one must hold the brush as traditionally adopted by traditional Chinese calligraphers and painters. If a person holds a Chinese brush like the way people hold pencils or watercolor brushes, the different effects such as textures strokes for mountains, rocks, trees & etc. and the eight methods of the calligraphy characters “Yong” will not show.

The relationship between eight methods of the calligraphy characters “Yong” & Chinese brush painting. These common knowledge may not be revealed in books written in English.

To understand the basic eight strokes and their application to CBP and the correct way to hold a Chinese painting brush, it’s required to study Chinese calligraphy.

In this, there lie the secrets of the ancient masters and their pictures from Google image.

To know what “traditional” or “classical” Chinese painting styles are, the best sources include (purely classical plus early 20th century modern styles — A must read for all CBP people. This book is the most comprehensive CBP ever written in English. It’s very difficult to understand the techniques and terms mentioned. )
Many books written by Chinese painting professor James Cahill More modern, less traditional (classical)
Chinese painting books by O-shi Yang – More modern, less traditional (classical), mostly spontaneous styles
The terms “traditional Chinese painting,” “traditional Chinese calligraphy” and “traditionalchinesecalligraphy” have been improperly exploited and recognized by people who have not study Chinese calligraphy and CBP seriously and correctly.

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