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Kai Shu Characters 淮孫景 in Chinese Calligraphy Wei Bei Style

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

top chinese calligraphy Free download of various Chinese calligraphy models of the Wei and Jin Dynasties: 魏碑 (“Wei Bei”), a subset of Chinese calligraphy Kai Shu styles, is generally regarded as one of the best art forms for training the technical requirements of different Chinese calligraphy styles.

Sample characters in this video:
淮 the Huai River
孫 grandson
景 scene

Duration : 0:4:6


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Variant Characters in Chinese Calligraphy

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

top chinese calligraphy (Ouyang’s model books between US$2 to $10 each)
To purchase Chinese calligraphy and painting books or models from an “independent” bookstore in the United States (“not associated with SF108″) LOW PRICES FOR QUALITY SERVICES AND PRODUCTS

This professor’s 田英章 video PLUS model book (pen writing, NOT “brush” calligraphy):
for US $6.60

Prof. Tian explains the different samples of variant Chinese characters in this video. Many successful Chinese brush painters have practiced Chinese calligraphy to improve their brushstrokes in painting. Ouyang’s model is one of most famous and best known styles of Chinese calligraphy.

Model download:

Pictures of Ouyang styles: (may contain mixed or other styles)

Duration : 0:7:1


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