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Genuine Brush Creation for Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Artists 1

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

top chinese calligraphy The Making of Chinese Calligraphy / Painting Brushes (Video Clip)
Forbiddencity2008 e-Bay Chinese calligraphy painting store & many other stores on e-Bay

E-Bay (Search keyword: Chinese calligraphy) has rating systems to let customers know which stores are honest, real and trustworthy just as (Search keyword: 文房四宝 )

Shops at and (China’s largest listings of Chinese calligraphy / painting stores — Chinese texts only, Sorry No English — LOGIN IS REQUIRED TO VIEW PICTURES)

We will keep adding more videos to introduce each store for your benefits to purchase the right tools at the right prices.
If you cannot speak Chinese and would like to delegate someone to purchase supplies from Sf108 and freehead stores, please contact

The world’s largest Chinese painting resources (LOGIN may be required to view pictures)

Genuine Brush Creation. As found on ebay.

Duration : 0:2:48


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