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Traditional Chinese Painting – Chinese Flower Bird Painting – Watercolor. Google Image Inspired. 1/2

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

top chinese painting Chinese Flower Bird Painting

Flower Bird Landscapes

Disclaimers: Not all of the pictures from Google Images above and included in those two videos are “traditional (classical)” Chinese painting styles.
To know what “traditional” or “classical” Chinese painting styles are, the best sources include (purely classical plus early 20th century modern styles — A must read for all CBP people. This book is the most comprehensive CBP ever written in English. It’s very difficult to understand the techniques and terms mentioned. )
Many books written by Chinese painting professor James Cahill More modern, less traditional (classical)
Chinese painting books by O-shi Yang – More modern, less traditional (classical), mostly spontaneous styles
The terms “traditional Chinese painting,” “traditional Chinese calligraphy” and “traditionalchinesecalligraphy” have been improperly exploited and recognized by people who have not study Chinese calligraphy and CBP seriously and correctly.

To know what “traditional Chinese calligraphy” is, this is the best English book that has purely 100% “traditional Chinese calligraphy” as written by historical Chinese masters and collected by museums in China, Europe (including Germany and England), Japan, and U.S.

After reading those two “3000 Years” books in depth, we will know how seriously Chinese people consider what “traditional” or “classical” should be as related to the styles of Chinese calligraphy and Chinese brush painting. That’s why a student of Chinese calligraphy and Chinese brush painting, no matter a Chinese or a Westerner, a professor or a new beginner, should never, knowingly or unknowingly, use the terms “traditional Chinese painting” & “traditional Chinese calligraphy” lightly and improperly.

Duration : 0:3:39


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Traditional Chinese Painting -Chinese flower bird painting – Pure Chinese Art! Nothing more.

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

top chinese painting Traditional Chinese Painting -Chinese flower bird painting – Pure Chinese Art! Nothing more.Chinese Bird and Flower Paintings Well, I’m still working on my Ox’s. Heh! This evening here’s one of the three I did but the main highlight of the day was a Parcel from Rev. Yao Feng Shakya who sent me some of his paintings which are beautiful.漢語。 繪畫。 水彩。 藝術。
Many thanks to him. I’ll do a short video of the paintings he sent me. I love his painting.
Chinese Oxen. Or a Chinese Ox anyway.

“Best Friends!” Chinese Bird and Flower & Ox Painting.

Duration : 0:2:39


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Traditional Chinese painting backing 國畫裱褙 5

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

top chinese painting 國畫大師倪汝霖老先生談國畫裱褙 5
Traditional Chinese painting Master RuLin-Ni discussed that the traditional Chinese painting backing
Side pastes presses and inlays the silk 2:(This section of movies, to make up state )
The flanging, using the drill, take the picture heart’s periphery as a datum, draws the approximately 0.5 centimeters width, do not draw breaks the damask silk piece, the table continues to use models the film, when on sticks, on the best person sticks person of flanging.
Above and under pastes on the stick axis cotton sliver:
Cuts first, the top roll cotton sliver 3 centimeters, fold 1 centimeter, the altogether 4 centimeters, get down the stick cotton sliver 5 centimeters, folds 1 centimeter, the altogether 6 centimeters, then using the ruler, the quantity leave at the back of the picture on, along 3 male branches, with the pencil sketch air wire, and the quantity leaves, at the back of the picture, along 5 male branches, with the pencil sketch foul line, then approaches the table along, with models in the film line (to picture heart on not to stick the approximately 1 centimeter outward), do not be too wide. The top roll cotton sliver, under the stick cotton sliver folds again left side of the good 1 centimeter, cuts pastes neatly, excises the unnecessary cotton sliver.
Shutechen 20101028

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Traditional Chinese Painting – Chinese Flower Bird Painting – Watercolor. Yang O-shi inspired.

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

top chinese painting Traditional Chinese Painting – Chinese Flower Bird Painting – Watercolor.Chinese Bird Flower Painting. Flower Bird Landscapes. This evening I thought a severe Tea-Bird would pass the time.
The paper is a single weight Chinese paper bought for me by Melissa. Two years ago. Odd that perhaps the conditions are better for it here but it is easier to use than when first tried in 2008.
I need a studio to work in. The amosphere doesnt help me work. I still seek refuge. Maybe soon.
England is quietly roting here and we, the recession victims, are being statistically hidden.
So it’s nice top lose onesself in activities that were engaged within over 5000 years ago in the Chinese Historcial depths.

Duration : 0:7:2


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