Advanced Finger Painting…kicks ass!

top chinese artist Watch this Chinese artist paint me a picture of a banyan tree in 5 minutes using only black ink and parts of his hand. This is pretty sweet talent.

Duration : 0:8:28

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25 Responses to “Advanced Finger Painting…kicks ass!”

  1. kiebz1 says:

    *Watches first few …
    *Watches first few seconds* … Some lines.. erm ok .. *Skips to 5 mins* .. WTF HOLY CRAP

  2. lilianamaya says:

    Wow, soo talent!
    Wow, soo talent!

  3. Walmartrap says:

    Yup talent
    Yup talent

  4. MrBuuchi says:

    my right ear is …
    my right ear is lonely

  5. Wolfhoundersful says:


  6. aramanamu says:

    skilled i would say
    skilled i would say

  7. heytherespiffy says:

    People always laugh …
    People always laugh when i tell them I love to finger paint. This video proves it CAN look good! xD

  8. NME712 says:

    you must really be …
    you must really be a good nose picker

  9. HEREcomesTHEpainnn says:

    hahahaha good one
    hahahaha good one

  10. xOXGxVIPER says:

    I’m pretty sure …
    I’m pretty sure that’s a woman retards

  11. iiJL1 says:

    this is guy is …
    this is guy is amazing, talent right there!

  12. dipchips says:

    This is truly …
    This is truly amazing ! wow !

  13. rocawear6i9 says:

    that looks oool..
    i …

    that looks oool..
    i cant draw for shit..

  14. dinoboy1998 says:



  15. jorderacer says:

    can he paint, …
    can he paint, paint though ?

  16. ac2377 says:


  17. 007RDRZ says:


  18. morriswil32 says:

    He can paint …
    He can paint anything

  19. morriswil32 says:

    I could do that …
    I could do that with my forehead

  20. calkinsdk says:

    i could do that …
    i could do that with my right foot

  21. feijoadiva says:

    cool..luv this
    cool..luv this

  22. shmoofoobean44 says:

    WOW this guy is so …
    WOW this guy is so cool

  23. chrispirlloisanerd says:

    Not bad
    Not bad

  24. SeeNoEvil184 says:

    This guy is so …
    This guy is so amazing..

    omg that guy right at the end to the left looks like johnny depp ;)

  25. neoserenity333 says:

    wow, so talented!
    wow, so talented!

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