Amazing dance performance by Spl. Chinese artist

top chinese artist

DREAM ON, a special performing Art recognized by UNESCO as Artists for Peace was brought to India for the very first time and particularly to Chennai on Sunday, the 10th of January 2010 by Benedict Savio, Event director from the Dubai based GLOBAL MEDIA BOX, a company floated by the former visual communication students of Loyola College, Chennai.

The Oscar Award Winner A.R. Rahman who was the Chief Guest was literally in tears when his compositions like JAI HO, VANDHE MATHARAM and CHINNA CHINNA ASAI were sung by these Chinese artists with hearing, visual impairments and also people with physical disabilities. Interestingly, these physically challenged people performed this event to raise funds as a peer support for the patients at the Sacred Heart Leprosy Hospital at Kumbakonam in INDIA.

Duration : 0:6:10

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19 Responses to “Amazing dance performance by Spl. Chinese artist”

  1. annaflyhigh1 says:

    they are all deaf …
    they are all deaf girls .they get very hard training for this .ADMIRE

  2. Mindalina23 says:



  3. pinkpasties82 says:

    What are the metal …
    What are the metal things called that they have on their fingers????

  4. tuber7319852 says:

    i was amaze when i …
    i was amaze when i saw that boys are included!! i cant do that swear!

  5. chew23 says:

    super amazing
    super amazing

  6. jayasheelashetty says:

    such a co- …
    such a co-orrdination………

  7. broodoftheinfinite says:

    thier co- …
    thier co-ordination is unnatural!

  8. jlol says:


  9. paulitzas says:

    Fantastic depiction …
    Fantastic depiction of Kali, the Hindu Goddess, represents the gentle mother and the fierce warrior tamed by her husband Shiva – her dance is an emulation of the Lotus flower in its many facets of life and time – idealistic of Health, Beauty, and Fitness – one must patiently allow the dance to take over – such is my conception of this presentation…

  10. echokaminari777 says:


  11. shippovader says:

    this sucked …
    this sucked like all yalls mom does to my pepe

  12. rohanbenja1 says:


  13. kazaSBboyz says:

    very exciting
    very exciting

  14. Shenoirspt says:

    goose bumps ! …
    goose bumps ! amazed. no words to say

  15. shannon889 says:

    wow…amazing…5 …
    wow…amazing…5 stars

  16. sumathyPerunthan says:

    Really amazing!! …
    Really amazing!! Everyone is talented in this world.

  17. senthilkumarmy4 says:

    Extraordinary …
    Extraordinary Performance! Supber….

  18. vikacools says:

    One word : ” …
    One word : “Incredible” !!

  19. 500com says:

    Fantastic, marvels.
    Fantastic, marvels.

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