Art of Sugar Blowing: How Chinese Street Artists Create Sugar Animals in Beijing

top chinese artist See how Chinese street artists create animals made from sugar.

Duration : 0:1:20

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25 Responses to “Art of Sugar Blowing: How Chinese Street Artists Create Sugar Animals in Beijing”

  1. skillbill83 says:

    This guy blows.
    This guy blows.

  2. Stacy choi says:

    wait do they eat …
    wait do they eat tht
    does tht mean they r also sharing germs because that man was blowing in their candy

  3. DVON2211 says:

    This is awesome…. …
    This is awesome…. Now if it were up to me, unless it was a girl I would hand mine over to someone else to eat it or keep it as a memento XD

  4. Timerooy says:

    Ignorant much? I …
    Ignorant much? I bet you’d eat your mum when you are about to die in poverty.

  5. harvey2670 says:

    what wrong with …
    what wrong with eating dog

  6. aurelio1456 says:

    It’s cool but I …
    It’s cool but I don’t think I could get over the fact that he’s blowing his hot breath into it.
    Use an air pump.

  7. Arkenarge says:

    mmm dogs. tasty,
    mmm dogs. tasty,

  8. rorypfay says:

    I’d eat a dog :I

    I’d eat a dog :I

    I mean.. I wouldn’t prefer to eat dog, but if someone handed me a free sample and said it was dog after I had already put it in my mouth…

    I wouldn’t stop eating it.

  9. Steve Crowley says:


  10. Firewerwolve says:

    …Most Americans …
    …Most Americans think everything is to eat LOL..

  11. Eric Guan says:

    is not for eating

    is not for eating

  12. Distrub122334 says:

    lol true i actually …
    lol true i actually thought it was for that reason

  13. MonopolyBag says:

    Well it is sugar… …
    Well it is sugar… here in America we use glass to make airblown decorations. It lasts longer.

  14. DrFuckingPepper says:

    A sugar sculpture …
    A sugar sculpture will last just as long if you take care of it.

    It won’t rot.

    Just think, it’s more delicate than glass, so you can impress your friends with how well you take care of such a delicate work of art.

  15. BrickSmashFace says:

    u have to get over …
    u have to get over it, been fking ur mum in your house since u were in your mum’s ass

  16. MegaLol555 says:

    you probably got …
    you probably got told by a ton of people already, but now days it’s just for fun. you don’t eat it.

  17. redrecluse08 says:

    wouldnt like my …
    wouldnt like my food to be blown by someone else..

  18. samaraix says:

    I’d like to tell …
    I’d like to tell them the blown glass concept came from the art they just watched, it’s just that. it’s an art, if they can’t see that then they either haven’t grown up or never will and aren’t worth the time

  19. NeiraRea99 says:

    I do…..before …
    I do…..before they get stale and before anyone can use them as a decoration anyway ^_^. Lol

  20. MPSecare says:

    1:03 that lady …
    1:03 that lady looks pissed

  21. yourserenity says:

    You don’t know …
    You don’t know what you really eat every day ;)

  22. IhniWinterwind says:

    … I wanna know …
    … I wanna know how to do this. It looks AWESOME.

  23. Le Nguyen says:

    i will put it in …
    i will put it in my curio

  24. bear teddy says:

    lol ikr
    lol ikr

  25. mythros1 says:

    a sucker with some …
    a sucker with some guys spit inside :3 yummy.

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