Biggest Daytime Fireworks Show Ever — Mathaf Opening of Cai Guo-Qiang: Saraab

top chinese artist At the Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha, Qatar this week, Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang put on his largest “explosion event” of the last three years, utilizing microchip-controlled explosives to form incredible designs and patterns. The video we’ve embedded of the event is an impressive testament to how a volatile black powder explosion can be controlled and shaped by computer.

Each set of explosions was calculated to paint a different picture. One series of explosions created black smoke clouds that looked like “drops of ink splattered across the sky.”

In another, 8,300 shells embedded with computer microchips exploded in a pyramid shape over the desert.

Duration : 0:1:50

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24 Responses to “Biggest Daytime Fireworks Show Ever — Mathaf Opening of Cai Guo-Qiang: Saraab”

  1. frni says:

    My favourite bit …
    My favourite bit was when he missed everything.

  2. brucebu says:

    would love to be …
    would love to be there but too much wind noise in this one.

  3. mrkiky says:

    What a …
    What a camera job. Film the sky damnit! Not the ground….

  4. n5017858 says:

    @ukillinmepeety …
    @ukillinmepeety Jew? American? Both?

  5. n5017858 says:

    I was in Doha on …
    I was in Doha on this day, and the first I heard of the display was after it happened, in Al Jazeera. my wife even knew the curator at the Museum of Modern Art in Doha, and no-one mentioned this to us until after the event. But that is just Doha

  6. Fuzzy192006 says:

    Looks like crap.
    Looks like crap.

  7. jamiejamiejames1996 says:



  8. Mackenzie2204 says:


  9. ukillinmepeety says:

    You Arabs love to …
    You Arabs love to blow stuff up, dont you!

  10. cmsalvagio says:

    this would have …
    this would have been even sweeter in a quarry in a quarry

  11. Giullianax says:

    looks like FLASHHH
    looks like FLASHHH

  12. MegaFunsies says:

    1:16 getting a real …
    1:16 getting a real Dark Mark kinda vibe from this one….

  13. jesseboy8899 says:

    1:33 OMG
    1:33 OMG

  14. link166 says:

    Esta chido esta …
    Esta chido esta medio loco

  15. sandshrew23 says:

    oh air pollution.. …
    oh air pollution… :P

  16. sandshrew23 says:

    all funny until …
    all funny until they start sucking your soul !!!

  17. chriszeavelle02 says:

    :: so cute
    :: so cute

  18. etiennesama says:

    @nillabed79 And do …
    @nillabed79 And do you think it’s better at night ?

  19. MsCandisStacked says:

    alllllllllllllllllllllll it is thum

  20. migueldELLO says:

    @nillabed79 this …
    @nillabed79 this is nothing to the environment.

  21. GusForce2000 says:

    AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!! …
    AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. MrWazzup112 says:

    Better than the …
    Better than the night 1′s :D

  23. martellodirondello says:


  24. mikefromkollab says:

    when i die….this …
    when i die….this what is what I want my ashes to be used for.

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