Cai Guo-Qiang Explosion Work

top chinese artist Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang, who works primarily in gunpowder, works on an “Explosion Work” on Long Island, New York, in 2006. Video produced by McConnell/Hauser Inc.

Duration : 0:4:6

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16 Responses to “Cai Guo-Qiang Explosion Work”

  1. MrKobold77 says:

    @MrKobold77 I mean …
    @MrKobold77 I mean I have the feeling that this is a lost cause, but lost causes run through my blood, so let me just try and give you some advice. Go out and find some expression, some sentiment, some line of thought that you’ve never heard of and explored. In whatever medium that’s out there in entire goddamned world. Instead of spouting off inane as comments. You might become a better person.

  2. MrFujikuro says:

    @leeroyleo123 “art …
    @leeroyleo123 “art is just a money making scheme so that rich people can have a reason to talk down to anyone” wow, your ignorance is strong. For the record , most artist are not rich. Some find success, but they are not that rich. When you hear about a piece selling for high amounts of money, a good portion of that is going to causes that host or commission the artist. And when you here about old pieces selling for millions, that is not going into the artist pockets at all.

  3. mastermarjan says:

    Interesting and …
    Interesting and creative.

  4. kat23morgan says:

    no worries people.. …
    no worries people…the ones who diss Cai and art…are not artist and are fools. Art truly is the expression of the inner soul of the creator…Usually there are meanings…Cai’s work is a statement…of we honor it..but how it is both violent…horrible yet beautiful (why are we awed by fireworks)..the bs about rich is bs..i am an artist …not rich..I do it for the joy of creating.

  5. tehgr8supa says:

    I agree with what …
    I agree with what you said, but stop using so many ellipses. It makes you look ignorant.

  6. skatenymlkm says:


  7. GettinAllThaViews says:

    Try looking at my …
    Try looking at my videos if you think this is cool! ;-)

  8. gothamfoodie says:

    Was just going to …
    Was just going to post this… how can you not include a view of the final work?!?!?!?!?!!

  9. MrKobold77 says:

    @leeroyleo123 …
    @leeroyleo123 Seeing how disjointed all your sentences and statements are reveals a lot about yourself. So is all art a money making scheme or just abstract art? Should we dig up John Steuart Curry and Diego Rivera to tell them that all their art is just a thing for rich people to talk about despite their influence on modern street art? And while we’re at it should we find Ai WeiWei in whatever prison the Chinese have him locked up and tell him he isn’t relevant to the regime he threatens?

  10. MrKobold77 says:

    Did …

    Did you even watch the video? Did you even look up his insane installation work at the Guggenheim? This guy takes the traditional aesthetics and imagery of ancient Chinese art, notably its ink paintings, and recreates them with a process that literally, obliterates their old artistic tenets with a cold sense of Chinese street festivities.
    I hope you were just trying to troll, the very thought of idiots like you walking around still alive makes all the angels cry.

  11. Carol Nance says:

    I love this artist …
    I love this artist – I just wish that the film showed the peice in it’s entirity after the explosion.

  12. vroyen says:

    Even creating the …
    Even creating the art is an art itself.

  13. Bristow42 says:

    this guy just like …
    this guy just like blowing things up. But I like his dogs running into wall of glass.

  14. lithographer64 says:

    Cool! Thanks for …
    Cool! Thanks for posting

  15. Lelaina says:

    He is more than an …
    He is more than an artist. His artpieces has a lot of spiritual and social meanings… I love his way of art.

  16. orthopteroid says:

    I think I saw this …
    I think I saw this on TV – it seems like ages ago. Thanks for posting!

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