Chinese Artist Yue Minjun Opens Show in Paris

top chinese artist Contemporary Beijing artist Yue Minjun is opening a new exhibit in Paris today (Wednesday, Nov 14), his first major European one.

[Yue Minjun, Chinese Artist ]:
“The idea of the exhibition is to show the French public what a Chinese artist thinks about life.”

Yue is among the most famous contemporary Chinese artists, alongside names such as Ai Weiwei and Liu Xiaobo. However his art is not overtly political.

His style is called Cynical Realism, a movement that came out of China after the Tiananmen Square massacre. His most famous piece, “The Execution” is often thought to be a commentary on the massacre.

However he says his paintings express a common human emotion or experience, more philosophical than political.

[Yue Minjun, Chinese Artist]:
“I tried to express some painful ideas, some tragic ideas and also something like a comedy, something happy.”

In an interview with the Financial Times he said that capitalism has become the new God, replacing people’s belief in the divine. He says he hopes his work will inspire reflection, and show a different perspective.

The artists’ signature use of laughing faces, self-portraits, and repetition has made his work internationally renowned. “The Execution” was sold at a London auction house for over $4.5 million dollars in 2007.

The exhibition features 40 works from private and public collections around the world. Some of the paintings have never before been seen by the public.

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