Fang Qiong 方琼 – 天涯歌女

top chinese artist Fang Qiong is a very talented famous China singer and musician educator. She is specialized in Chinese folk and art songs. In her exploration and practice of the hybrid of Chinese singing style and Bel canto style, she formed distinctive characteristic. She achieved splendid performance history with her sweet voice, broad range and well expressed vocal line. In her education career, Through exploration and the accumulation, she has gradually constitute a unique and effective vocal music instructional methods.

1983, Enter into China Conservatory of Music study with Professor Jin Tielin

1984, Enter into Vocal Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Study with Professor Wang Xiuyun, Zheng Ti. After graduating successively worked as solo vocal actor in Shanghai Orchestra and Shanghai Opera House. Study with Professor Zhou Xiaoyan till now.

2000, Went to the United States as a visiting scholar at the Music School in University of Maryland, during Research and teaching, at 2001 study with vocal professors Carmen Balthrop and David Chapman.

1996, 7th CCTV Young Singer Grand TV prix, won Chinese Folk Style Classes first prize

1997, CCTV MTV Competition, won Best New Artist, China New Broadcasting Songs Gold Medal Competition, won Government Prize

2000, The First China Art Song MTV Competition, won second prize

2002, 2003, won Shanghai Conservatory of Music President Award

2004, Shanghai Government Education Award

2005, State Council issued the United National advanced individuals Award, Baogang Education Fund Award

Performing arts experience
Debut in Shanghai Concert Hall, Shanghai Grand Theatre and Shanghai Oriental Art Center. Also held solo concerts in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and the United States, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries. Regularly invited to take part in a variety of domestic and international festivals, has toured in Europe, North America, Asia and more than 20 other countries. In recent years, as the judges in national vocal competitions, her students are often won CCTV Young Singer Grand TV prix and other grand competitions, some of them have become well-known singer.

Music TV : Meet at the seaside

Opera : Sun Bird

From 1990 singing actress as Xier in Ballet White-haired Girl

Sing theme song in Broadcasting Play Policeman 803, television play Huan Zhu princess Ancient Tea-Horse Road, film Barber

Appreciation of China Vocal Works (Shanghai Music Publishing House, 2006)

Her vesture is cloud and her face a flower (Shanghai Music Publishing House, 2007)

love songs of LuGu Lake Shanghai Audio-Visual publishing Houses

The Wandering Songstress (China Record Shanghai Corporation)

Lovers Tears(China Record Shanghai Corporation)

SHANGHAI SYMPHOMY ORHCESTRA is the earliest and the best-known ensemble of its kind in Asia, through which the Chinese symphonic music develops. Originally known as the Shanghai Public Band, it developed into an orchestra in 1907, and was renamed the Shanghai Municipal Council Symphony Orchestra in 1922. Notably under the baton of the Italian conductor Mario Paci, the orchestra promoted Western music and trained Chinese young talents very early in China, and introduced the first Chinese orchestral work to the audience, hence reputed as the the best in the Far East. Practically, the history of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra may be referred as the history of Chinas symphonic music development.


Duration : 0:4:45

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    唱得過於哀怨和沉重,可能是故意的吧;不 …

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    這首歌叫《天涯歌女》, 不是「天涯聲樂 …
    這首歌叫《天涯歌女》, 不是「天涯聲樂家」, 方女士捉錯用神了!!!

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    gifted singner.
    gifted singner.

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    心無晴 何須舉頭望 縱 …

    心無晴 何須舉頭望 縱是滿月洒金霜
    一抹花瓣 一秋守望 獨剩影一行
    天高遠 問天幾多愁 相思樹上千夜雨
    幾許淚滴 一片秋霜 風凋碧葉傷
    水有情 獨為誰人妝 又盤三千纏綿絲
    憶踏紅毯 著錦裳 憶為愛癡狂
    恨為琴 知音何渺茫 輕撥心弦低吟唱
    千夜同悲 滿是惆悵 空落我心房
    笑邀誰與共 醉歸明月下 一路踏影我獨行
    歎何人落淚 又是山崗對月 照淒涼

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    nice song
    nice song

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    very nice

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    Really classic!

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    Love it! Thanks!

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