Ferrari 599 China Limited Edition

top chinese artist
2009 marks the fifth anniversary of Ferraris presence in China. During this time Ferrari has witnessed, first-hand, the epic changes that have transformed East Asia and to commemorate the occasion, Ferrari has partnered with a prominent contemporary Chinese artist, Lu Hao, to create the unique Ferrari 599 China.
Ferrari has created a unique artistic piece, with the exterior entirely hand painted to reproduce the subtle color and unique cracked pot pattern typical of ancient Chinese pottery coupled with several precious and unique interior elements, such as the Jade start button and the gold coloured rev counter with ancient Chinese ideograms. This one of a kind vehicle brings together Chinese artistic heritage with Italian craftsmanship and Italian industrial design, creating a perfect blend of automotive technology and Chinese art that will make it one of the most appealing cars for collectors worldwide.
For this creation, Ferrari has chosen to involve contemporary Chinese artist Lu Hao, who has followed his distinctive artistic vision to become one of Chinas most famous and most influential contemporary artists. For this project he drew inspiration from Chinas ancient literary traditions, the unique Ge Kiln porcelain, and the fabled Silk Road, creating his own unique interpretation of Chinas majestic traditional culture.

This unique artistic masterpiece, blending the cutting edge technology of the 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE with traditional Chinese design elements, will be auctioned off for charity during an exclusive event in Beijing on November the 3rd 2009 that will be open to select art collectors and Ferrari friends.
Part of the proceeds from the charity auction to be held at the cars unveiling will benefit an educational sponsorship program targeted at Chinese students. Details of the program will be released at the auction gala dinner party. The event complements some of Ferraris ongoing CSR initiatives, such as its partnerships with the Soong Ching Ling Foundation and the Jet-Li One Foundation. Over the past five years, the speed and passion associated with the Ferrari brand has won the hearts of Chinese customers, and Ferrari has been no less passionate about its social responsibilities. By giving back to the community, Ferrari wants to foster a spirit of compassion while continuing to build on the success of its brand in China.

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23 Responses to “Ferrari 599 China Limited Edition”

  1. drift18Japan says:

    fake everything is …
    fake everything is fake in china

  2. Dwelijan says:

    als ob jetzt geil …
    als ob jetzt geil wär…

  3. flagship21 says:

    I get it they are …
    I get it they are trying to make the car like like cracks in porcelin

  4. tanga40 says:

    i met the man who …
    i met the man who bought this car at the amg driving academy in china. hes got 14 cars including 458, s65, gallardos, rolls, bentley, etc.. he said hes only driven this car once, and that was to the petrol station

  5. pprocon says:

    the painting is …
    the painting is from a porcelain which only produce in China called blue and white porcelain. it has been the most favorable and exclusive material in China for 1500 yrs. Guess wut, people in different culture have different taste. if you cant deal with that, GO YOURSELF IN YOUR PRIUS

  6. tunawayFEMwash says:

    Yes, I would like …
    Yes, I would like to buy a Ferrari please. But could you paint it to look like an old white piece of dog turd? Thannnks.

  7. Dumshitcunts says:

    funny ferrai made …
    funny ferrai made in itaily? Parts Made in CHINA car crashes when engine starts

  8. BareseMaledetto says:

    ma che cazzo….
    ma che cazzo….

  9. stanleypuu3 says:

    Its Ugly.
    Its Ugly.

  10. XXJosh599XX says:

    I never thought a …
    I never thought a 599 could be very ugly…. Until I saw this…

  11. CarKid14 says:

    those quattroportes …
    those quattroportes are way better

  12. dilegentelectron says:

    @VladSheiko it’s a …
    @VladSheiko it’s a kind of procelain from China looking like broken but actually not.

  13. konates says:

    bye European cars. …
    bye European cars…..know Chinese tern

  14. 69993 says:

    amazing amazing a …
    amazing amazing a piece of art

  15. espjuan says:

    @iversonliu33333333 …
    @iversonliu33333333 Even in recessions, people with money do not get poorer. If their business is bad, they just dismiss workers, but they do not lower their standard of living.

  16. VladSheiko says:

    egg style???
    egg style???

  17. lordzenzo1 says:

    questa merda cinese …
    questa merda cinese non è degna di essere chiamata ferrari

  18. binoyrakesh says:

    @Seen10k im pretty …
    @Seen10k im pretty sure the music is indo-chinese, the drum is an indian tabla. the stringed instruments are chinese.

  19. 203207ab says:

    I’m an American …
    I’m an American living in the State of California that just bought a chinese flag for 40 dollars. Does that count for anything? Thank you.

  20. suzhang89 says:

    it’s …

    it’s chinese music.

  21. Seen10k says:

    Where is this …
    Where is this music from? It’s pretty nice.

  22. foxming says:


  23. Janusha says:

    Art on cars have …
    Art on cars have been tried so many times and I think it nearly always fails.

    A pot with this kind of pattern is a pot.. which can be a piece of art or a functioning thing for holding flowers or soup. When this texture is applied to a car which itself is a piece of art, it kinda crashes with the original design idea intended for the cars. Car design is all about guiding the eyes along the shape and make you see harmony and balance. When its broken up by another design, it rarely works.

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