Indonesia: Ethnic Chinese Perform Thank You Indonesia

top chinese artist Indonesia is already applying law no. 40, established last year to end discrimination against minorities and ethnic groups in the country.

To show their gratitude, the Indonesia-Chinese Forum and the Indonesia National Institute will hold a musical drama titled, Thank You Indonesia this Friday at the Jakarta International Expo.

[Murdaya W. Poo, Indonesia Nationality Institute Chairman]:
The validity of this law set on October 28, 2008 is an amazing prize for Indonesia people, mainly the Chinese people in Indonesia. Its an amazing red envelope. Now Chinese people can freely interact with the other 300 ethnic goups in Indonesia. This is an amazing issue.

Both Indonesian and Chinese art and culture are combined in the show. The drama will illustrate how ethnic Chinese people now have the same rights as Indonesian citizens. Many top artists will perform, including Titiek Puspa, Iga Mewarni, Helena, Judika Idol, and Koko-Cici Jakarta.

[Titiek Puspa, Musical Drama Artist]:
We feel thankful to the government, which already published the law. Like well perform how the Javanese peoples conflict with the Batak people. How every ethnicity is in some conflict. At the end, I come in to stop this conflict; I tell them that nowadays there is a new law. Now we have the same rights and duties.

Indonesia President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono plans to watch the drama. He will probably receive much appreciation from the ethnic-Chinese at the show.

Duration : 0:1:35

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25 Responses to “Indonesia: Ethnic Chinese Perform Thank You Indonesia”

  1. EXSoldierrity says:

    then …

    then peninsula also the center of Malaysia.60 % of Malaysian is malay thats why malay is one of superior race in Malaysia but still other race can be PM.tun doctor Mahathir mohammad also halve indian.juz like i say before, u cant conlude some countries rasist juz becoz the leader is rasist.and the ketuanan melayu is not rasist, we have a lot reason why malay should be the superior race in Malaysia and yes the goverment has no influence to it people becoz they not nazi.

  2. EXSoldierrity says:

    @destroyxeverything …
    but Malaysia never have religion war like what happen in ambone…
    even Malaysia is muslim countries but Malaysia never had separatist like what happen in acheh,maluku and papua…
    different like indonesia which is pluralism countries…

  3. eriquerique says:

    @EXSoldierrity You …
    @EXSoldierrity You yourself might not be racist – I believe you, but Malaysia as a country, through its leadership (UMNO), has been an avid propagator of “Ketuanan Melayu”. What kind of a government blatantly encourages racism like that? And you’re telling me that if a government has no influence over its people? How did you think Nazi Germany flourish in the past?

  4. eriquerique says:

    @EXSoldierrity To …
    @EXSoldierrity To put it simply, ever since the colonial times, the centre of Dutch government in Indonesia has always been Java, therefore Java is the most developed part of Indonesia since hundreds of years ago. This caused higher level of competency in general among the Javanese. Plus, 40% of the Indonesian population is Javanese. Everything in Indonesia USED TO be centralized in Java. That’s why there’s higher chance of a Javanese being elected president. Racism is irrelevant.

  5. EXSoldierrity says:

    i try …

    i try my best speak english.then i also can say indonesia rasist becoz from what i know most of indonesia presiden is javanese and only one bugis.there also what u cal “perang suku ” in kalimantan between dayak and madura and also in papua and ambone…
    u can’t just say some countries rasist just becoz their leader rasist then if obama is black is that means all US people is black ?
    im my self have a lot chinese and india frenz and dun judge the book by it cover

  6. eriquerique says:

    @EXSoldierrity …
    @EXSoldierrity Obviously, Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia are not mutually intelligible so let’s speak English. You claim that Malaysia is not a racist country. Then why is your minister Hishamuddin whatever-his-name is waving the Keris at an official function saying that Malays are superior? Isn’t that very racist of him? If even your minister is capable of such racism, it does not give an impression that the rest of Orang Melayu in Malaysia is tolerant of other races, either.

  7. EXSoldierrity says:


    kenapa aq perlu memberitahu itu pada menteri ku ?
    di indonesia udah gx ada keris ?
    itu maksud mu ?

  8. eriquerique says:

    @EXSoldierrity …
    @EXSoldierrity Katakanlah itu pada menteri mu yang mengacung2kan Keris dan berkoar2 tentang supremasi Melayu. Hal seperti ini saya rasa tidak akan terjadi di Indonesia di zaman sekarang…

  9. EXSoldierrity says:

    @eriquerique …
    @eriquerique malaysia bukan negara rasist…

  10. bennlonelyboy says:

    @audisport who …
    @audisport who cares u stupid.. this video talked about indonesia, nobody cares about ur racist country

  11. blacky7ishy says:

    Pergi kau Hasut , …
    Pergi kau Hasut , rasis, dan Isu Miring !!! . Indonesia ini Negara yang Berdaulat .

  12. audisport says:

    @Grandoreo im …
    @Grandoreo im indonesian but malaysia is a better country . the infrastructure is alot nicer. Ive been there.

  13. Juminten69 says:

    @destroyxeverything …
    @destroyxeverything “Even though more and more pribumi women are mingling with Dutch/Caucasian men (fuckers!).”

    Bwahaaa…! fanned!! so true…lol.

  14. Juminten69 says:

    STOP the hate! …
    STOP the hate! racism happens everywhere in the world. i’m purely javanese and i dated chinese guys. my parents/brothers never complained about it. my bf’s family love me! oh by the way….our BUPATI (regent, gvt. officer in charge of a regency) is a Chinese!! and we’re proud of him! he’s a true leader. we’re all indonesians, lets build our country the better of us, our children and grandchildren.

  15. Juminten69 says:

    Ibu Titik Puspa!! …
    Ibu Titik Puspa!! what a gorgeous lady still..

  16. danangsam says:

    @trajikunkun can b …
    @trajikunkun can b seen if u dont like chinese. u must have had a bad xperience with chinese people. :(

  17. GoingCrazy909 says:

    @eriquerique If …
    @eriquerique If there are more people think like you….

  18. vindoarga says:

    GTFO you …

    GTFO you racist malaysian!!

  19. vincentweb says:

    indonesia now they …
    indonesia now they deserve it. yes i’m racist but only to them. how they kill many others in the past and even now. i hate them.

  20. destroyxeverything says:

    Yes you are right. …
    Yes you are right. Interracial marriages in Indonesia are accepted and viewed as normal. Even though more and more pribumi women are mingling with Dutch/Caucasian men (fuckers!).

    Sure we may still have racisms, but it is mostly the older generations. Indonesia is more open-minded compared to Malaysia. Even tho our country is the largest Muslim-populated nation in the world, we don’t bring Religion into politics unlike Malaysia!

    Proud to be Indonesian :)

  21. aldi4u says:

    asnan is Malaysian. …
    asnan is Malaysian.

    Dia ingin mengadu domba kita.

    Indonesia loves chinese

  22. sinyotasker says:

    BANGSAT PRIBUMI DASAR LOE ANJING ARAB ..kaga ada cina bisa jadi tai babi loe budak arab

  23. eriquerique says:

    Lain dengan kalian …
    Lain dengan kalian yang di Malaysia, di Indonesia, orang-orang sudah mengakui bahwa etnis China adalah bagian dari serat kehidupan bangsa Indonesia yang tak akan bisa terpisahkan. Kami tidak akan terpengaruh dengan hasutan anda yang ingin memecah-belahkan masyarakat kami. Indonesia bukan negara racist lagi! Camkan itu baik-baik!

  24. wongedancuk says:

    malaysia get lost
    malaysia get lost

  25. rapemap says:

    @asnan: Dont bring …
    @asnan: Dont bring your retarded, racist, ideology to indonesia. I’m a javanese, and we acknowledge that every person who has born in indonesia from indonesian citizen (regardless his/her ethnicity) is an integral part of indonesian society, incl. chinese or indian or european ethnic groups.

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