Invisible Chinese Artist

Invisible Chinese Artist

It’s like Where’s Waldo, only real.

Duration : 0:2:3

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  1. wazzobazzo says:

    There’s a cameraman …
    There’s a cameraman involved in this too which noone cares about…but the artists actually painting him deserve credit js.

  2. chihuahuabebi says:

    No one gives a …
    No one gives a to the cameraman in a well-known movie either…so yea

  3. blackwingz55 says:

    this guys knows …
    this guys knows the pathway to being a ninja

  4. amil3011 says:


  5. vistigioful says:

    Invisible, but …
    Invisible, but also visible at the same time.

  6. SilverSparkDragons trio says:



  7. logerbad19 says:

    whats the name of …
    whats the name of the song background?

  8. retromooonk says:


  9. djm22001981 says:

    Greaty! Very …
    Greaty! Very creative!

  10. Mreleezy says:

    this is what i …
    this is what i called ARTIST

  11. Christopher Del Rio says:

    VVV we eat …
    VVV we eat animals all the time

  12. Alex Croci says:

    Eating dogs and …
    Eating dogs and animal abuse, the chinese people are an embarrassment to the world. Do the world a big favor and jump off the closest bridge! ASSHOLES!

  13. Natalie Cachero says:

    the last one was …
    the last one was realy good

  14. 景晟 冯 says:

    pretty cool ha
    pretty cool ha

  15. TheBadShaman says:

    No, I’m saying you …
    No, I’m saying you can’t do anything without you’re tools. use your feces to paint murals, it can be called art, point is you had to use your tools.

  16. boop9000 says:

    so what your saying …
    so what your saying is the paintbrush is the real artist. that would be like saying that artists are know for the paper they use not the drawings them make.

  17. devyn phankhao says:

    i wonder if waldo …
    i wonder if waldo does the same thing

  18. bhabooshka says:

    That’s not how you …
    That’s not how you use ‘if you know what I mean’ …

  19. dilegentelectron says:

    he sure can paint …
    he sure can paint and it is about the idea presented not just the painting.

  20. Alexandra Lindberg says:

    Well, he probably …
    Well, he probably photograph what he have done and sell the pictures, you dumb arse.

  21. Honey Badger says:

    1:46 WHAT THE FUCK …

  22. AlvarHanso84 says:

    Is he the artist …
    Is he the artist or the painters?

  23. KawaiiPinkPunkStar says:

    Sticking to your …
    Sticking to your old methods…win!

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