nicholas tse

top chinese artist 1. Nicholas Tse Winning Best Selling Chinese artist at 2002 World Music Award.

Duration : 0:2:41

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14 Responses to “nicholas tse”

  1. Hinagi1980 says:

    Wahhh Nic in a …
    Wahhh Nic in a rock/skirt…
    Is hot! Wow!

  2. happynew2008 says:

    yeah`yeah` …
    yeah`yeah` congretulation` Nicholas Tse ~..~

    from khmer-american

  3. alexw333 says:

    not US, Is Canada
    not US, Is Canada

  4. Locbui1989 says:

    he was so nervous …
    he was so nervous lol. very cool guy tho

  5. supershirleyx3 says:

    LOOol for some …
    LOOol for some reason i just laugh when he walks towards the stage. i mean hes so like COOL like seriously! i bet you the people who didnt know him were like WHOA! cause, idk, he walks around like he owns the place and thats just adorable! <3 GOD HES HOT. haha! ^__^ GOOO NICHOLAS!

  6. mistydreamz says:

    omg! he’s so hot =D
    omg! he’s so hot =D

  7. leemyis says:

    wow, Nic is so good …
    wow, Nic is so good with his English…of course I forgot that he had live in US for awhile…hehe…Congrats to Nic…

  8. Dajana5 says:

    his english is …
    his english is very good and ayumi hamasaki wins a award too ^___________^

  9. may12355 says:

    his english is so …
    his english is so good~

  10. karena646 says:

    Good english
    Good english

  11. azngqjoe says:

    That’s why he had …
    That’s why he had shades on!

  12. latuscaff says:

    HIs coked up …
    HIs coked up before getitng on stage

  13. JoeiChng says:

    What an honour!! …
    What an honour!! He’s great! =)

  14. aquastyle says:


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