Sugar Art made by master craftsman from China

top chinese artist Watch this talented & skillful craftsman wooing the crowds with his beautifully intricate creations, which he fashioned out of melted sugar laid out on a ceramic tile. These candies are definitely too pretty to be eaten!!

Duration : 0:5:29

25 Responses to “Sugar Art made by master craftsman from China”

  1. istefane cruz says:

    OMG…I can watch …
    OMG…I can watch this guy for hours….he’s a genius

  2. SexyGunShots says:

    Oh its a fish, i …
    Oh its a fish, i guessed a deformed leg xD

  3. li helen says:

    i am from china and …
    i am from china and those are so yum! trust me the first time when i saw it i thought it was yuk, after i tasted one i totally fell in love with it!

  4. WinterMelonx says:

    I wish they could …
    I wish they could come to England and open their own store. They’d make so much money compared to China

  5. MrTipptiger says:

    what a brilliant …
    what a brilliant idea

  6. xXMoniMayhemXx says:

    I would just sit …
    I would just sit and watch this person all day!!!!

  7. Jester Henderson says:

    So talented and …
    So talented and its done in seconds!!

  8. Madeline Brink says:

    This is absolutely …
    This is absolutely brilliant.

  9. kidowmer says:

    It was held in …
    It was held in conjunction with the Chinese New year celebrations, at the annual carnival River Hong Bao. The artist was a Chinese craftsman invited to show case his art. Thanks for watching!

  10. thethreeaddictedrand says:

    This is in …
    This is in Singapore! :D Where can I find this?!

  11. LarinLazet says:

    I met someone who …
    I met someone who does this. He made me a dragon, and I think my sister got a swan. They weren’t flat, they were made out of a ball of sugar rather than a “painted” design. You can’t get any more intricate than that. But not a single person gave him a tip more than a dollar or some change, however, many spent $20 five feet away on overpriced Pocky, sodas, or American candy.

    I don’t think it would be appreciated in a mainstream market.

  12. kidowmer says:

    :) Awesome comment …
    :) Awesome comment!

  13. AyahB94 says:

    No fancy tools, …
    No fancy tools, just one spoon and insane skills!

  14. olissa8383 says:

    It’s offical I’m …
    It’s offical I’m going to China XD heheh

  15. SilverSparkDragons trio says:

    awesome >:3
    awesome >:3

  16. HaruKodama says:

    Could probably sell …
    Could probably sell this for a lot of money in America if you do some super intricate designs

  17. ywe120 says:


  18. michaela argana says:

    If only…
    If only…

  19. flakeyy i says:

    being able to …
    being able to appreciate the chinese culture is an amazing thing, i would love to visit some day

  20. Cherizette Catering says:

    My thumbs up is not …
    My thumbs up is not for the uploader but the artist. He is great.

  21. katara6609 says:

    I asin lol
    I asin lol

  22. TheZerothemegaman says:

    I even remember …
    I even remember eating then too

  23. TheZerothemegaman says:

    I’m Chinese I want …
    I’m Chinese I want to go there next time and get those stuff

  24. 2PinkerPies3 says:

    Whaaat. :O
    Whaaat. :O

  25. 0lupita3 says:

    nice :)
    nice :)

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