the best beautiful chinese song 2011

top chinese artist the best chinese song 2011 and the most beautiful chinese song with nice singer

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25 Responses to “the best beautiful chinese song 2011”

  1. MrMouette29 says:

    Magnifique de …
    Magnifique de romantisme :)

  2. sw870729 says:

    i am japanese,u …
    i am japanese,u stupid

  3. zulakmal1 says:

    awful racist …
    awful racist american ! everything in america is hot dog and burger. fk ur donut hole.

  4. franciswu55 says:

    Beautiful songs, …
    Beautiful songs, Can you list the name of each song. Thanks ! Francisco

  5. jstsurreal says:

    /watch?v= …

  6. mag10400 says:

    très joli, …
    très joli, j’écoute en boucle :)

  7. nukejapan4good says:

    They hate China …
    They hate China becos they r Japanese dog

  8. nukejapan4good says:

    They China becos …
    They China becos they Japanese dog

  9. knkevinuk says:

    if only on that …
    if only on that fateful night your father would have had a wank instead

  10. abc6951 says:

    Why you hate china …
    Why you hate china ?

  11. sw870729 says:

    everything in china …
    everything in china is shit, chinese are red dogs

  12. Shannon Li says:

    nice very relaxing
    nice very relaxing

  13. hendra susanto says:

    thanks for listen …
    thanks for listen it. now you can listen the new song from my album. check it out.! on

  14. Juskie Coaskie says:

    Awwwww, you’re so …
    Awwwww, you’re so lucky! Have fun this summer =)

  15. dkullyguy says:


  16. 77777XYZ says:

    ccp has more than …
    ccp has more than 300000 internet propaganda dogs, its famous things (its call 五毛党 or 50cent army, etc), ccp`s more than 300000 guy is working everyday 24hours everywhere internet, they deceive their chinks and world people too, they are making fake comment everywhere internet, even youtube too, those ccp`s propaganda dog is try to operate pablic opinion, i can see so many those dogs in youtube, if you go any chinks video, most of chinks commentator is just one of 300000

  17. OHYeah5061 says:

    Chinese songs r …
    Chinese songs r gentle 

  18. Angel4ever41 says:

    Totally! Going …
    Totally! Going back this summer! Can’t wait! x)

  19. Puppierosie says:

    @MegaResnais You …
    @MegaResnais You should see china,it’s a beautiful country ^_^

  20. 荣伟 谢 says:

    The singer is Long …
    The singer is Long Jun,chinese is 龙军, song’s name is 情毒,the lyric is 别哭 别错信了幸福
    别装作看不出 他把你辜负
    别以为 能保存爱香味
    再美的玫瑰 免不了枯萎
    眼泪 要流得可贵
    别为他浪费 他不会再给安慰
    再痛 他也不会懂
    你在哭 他在笑
    忘了他 要趁早
    中毒太深没解药 救不了
    明知道得不到 不要再乞讨

  21. cleapseletroeletroni says:

    I love chinese …
    I love chinese songs

  22. kelana67 says:

    because youtube- …
    because youtube-facebook-twitter (and other social networking tools) are also used intensively as tools for instigating social unrests as witnessed in many parts of the world, the so-called Color Revolutions or the Regime Change Initiatives! Sovereign countries should be quite cautious with these hidden agendas!!!

  23. MeliSweetHeartX says:

    NO WAY!
    NO WAY!

  24. LoveShyness says:


  25. MegaResnais says:

    Greetings to you …
    Greetings to you from the Latvian ….. Unfortunately, I have never been in China and
    do not understand your language. But to me you are very beautiful country with very beautiful people and great natural beauty ….

    And this song is very beautiful even though I do not understand what people were singing at all … :)

    With the greatest respect Ingus!

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