Top 10 Chinese Songs! (Tiansheng90385318’s List!)

As Stated. :)
There Is No First Or Last. :)

Arron Yan- Xia Yi Ge Wo
Thomas & Jack- Duo Mao Mao
Racheal Liang- Qing Ren Zhi Ji
Anthony Neely- San Chang De Yong Bao
Hebe Tien- Ji Mo Ji Mo Jiu Hao

Duration : 0:7:24

25 Responses to “Top 10 Chinese Songs! (Tiansheng90385318’s List!)”

  1. Frozen Leaf says:

    Tong Hua, Nuff Said
    Tong Hua, Nuff Said

  2. Christian Lunghi says:

    this reminds me of …
    this reminds me of the 90s

  3. Christian Lunghi says:

    I must say with …
    I must say with what I have seen so far it looks like Japan is all about
    the punk rock and China is a little more like how American music used to
    be, Good.

  4. sprsumfalwin says:

    If Jay’s songs are …
    If Jay’s songs are considered chinese, all of 10 should be his songs

  5. antonio carranza jr says:

    would have been …
    would have been more helpful if you left a list.useless playlist :(

  6. tim3854 says:

    What’s the song at …
    What’s the song at 4.00 please…?

  7. Rukunuzzaman Khan says:

    like Chinese songs,
    like Chinese songs,

  8. Freddie Mercury says:

    no prob, YUI Chalng …
    no prob, YUI Chalng, Pesioy Chlang, Ghazanfar Lee, Ghasom Chang, Abdoli
    Tiyu , ejvar Lee, Yuri Jabarch hope u enjoy Toni Mcmurry

  9. Toni Mcmurray says:

    Hi, Can you tell me …
    Hi, Can you tell me who the artists are in order? I would love to listen to
    more of some these artists but i don’t know who they are. Thanks!!!! :)

  10. Haili Shen says:

    yes 不好听
    yes 不好听

  11. sprsumfalwin says:

    Oh I think all of …
    Oh I think all of 10 should be Jay Chou’s

  12. xNessazx says:

    Yeah, I would like …
    Yeah, I would like to know as well

  13. KyraWhispers says:

    JAY CHOU!!!! love …
    JAY CHOU!!!! love that man!!!

  14. Hailey Maurer says:

    Thanks :) 谢谢!
    Thanks :) 谢谢!

  15. Sheau says:

    Are you sure it is …
    Are you sure it is all Chinese? I think there are some Taiwanese songs in
    there. Maybe I am wrong.

  16. soccerluver311 says:

    6 is pa an jing by …
    6 is pa an jing by show luo the last is sigma’s “running with tears”

  17. Curlydafatboy says:

    Someone explain why …
    Someone explain why all these new age Chinese male celebrities look so
    girly. It’s worse than a Justin beiber wannabe on a bad hair day.

  18. Aaron Chen says:

    thats only 5
    thats only 5

  19. k says:

    @platoonutzeyz …
    @platoonutzeyz seeing how jay chou has dominated asian for ten years and
    counting im sure be remembered 2o years from now. Dunno bout the other

  20. Randy Nuary says:


  21. Fong Xiong says:

    Please help me find …
    Please help me find 7 :D

  22. cigaretteskinny21 says:

    Sounds just like …
    Sounds just like american pop!


    my show lo is the …
    my show lo is the best love you ..from mexico

  24. foushou1 says:

    Embarrassing for …
    Embarrassing for you dude….Taiwan is not china and has its own language
    even if mandarin is the official language. Before the Nationalist came in
    they were speaking taiwanese and japanese… Anyway, if you do not know
    about something maybe avoid being so definitive in your comments or…
    google it. The fact that you are alone in front of your computer does not
    excuse arrogance and ignorance.

  25. 皓仁 罗 says:

    每个人欣赏水平不同 笑笑就好。
    每个人欣赏水平不同 笑笑就好。

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