Vivian Lai

top chinese artist Cute Chinese Artist. Vivian Lai.

Duration : 0:4:9

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19 Responses to “Vivian Lai”

  1. spade99dee says:

    her best  song ever
    her best  song ever

  2. Phil28168 says:

    One of the best …
    One of the best songs ever by Vivian Lai.

  3. spade99dee says:

    多情 多情 ho ho tang
    多情 多情 ho ho tang

  4. hrehgr says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the upload. I’ve been trying to locate this mtv of a long time.
    Awesome song, brings back good memories..

  5. thebinaryboy says:

    THANK YOU!! – Ive …
    THANK YOU!! – Ive been searching for this song by the name “More Love” for a couple years!

  6. jewe7s427 says:

    loove this song! …
    loove this song! CLASSIC!

  7. joaniemaloney says:

    Yes! Finally found …
    Yes! Finally found this!
    My mom and I love this song.<3

  8. peter1ho says:

    sniff sniff…high …
    sniff sniff…high school memories

  9. loneycat26 says:

    What a haunting …
    What a haunting melody.

  10. Quy4life says:

    wht happened to …
    wht happened to vivian lai

  11. Runaholism says:

    good luck
    good luck

  12. Runaholism says:

    She will always be …
    She will always be one of my favorite HK popstar.

  13. kens79 says:

    I fell in love with …
    I fell in love with her (after hearing this song) when i was 14… now, i’m still hoping for a girl like her would come into my life….

  14. grazieadio99 says:

    這一次足夠 …

    令我思想一生 念著你送我的小心意
    完全為要你快樂 都會願意為何你會對我完全重要

  15. WanSiuLun says:

    This song is lovely …
    This song is lovely,and good for romantic times

  16. chenluvjimmy says:

    i love this song
    i love this song

  17. ichiokada says:

    song name is 多情 ( …
    song name is 多情 (doh ching)

  18. cheat99 says:

    what is this song …
    what is this song name??

  19. bluezing says:

    one of my fav song …
    one of my fav song from her~

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