A Concise Course of Chinese Calligraphy 1

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A Concise Course of Chinese Calligraphy 1

Duration : 0:5:56

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18 Responses to “A Concise Course of Chinese Calligraphy 1”

  1. sharerx says:

    Great initiative, I …
    Great initiative, I really enjoyed your video.

  2. fotonadinasa says:

    I am interested to …
    I am interested to get the book . Iam living in colombia and i have rlatives in Spain. HaW can
    I get it_ Thank you.

  3. mistermjones2000 says:

    thank you for your …
    thank you for your great lessons.

  4. yanghaiying says:

    I am travelling, I …
    I am travelling, I will answer you properly in a couple of weeks. Thank you.

  5. isramirez7 says:


    I love …

    I love Chinese Callygraphy and culture
    can i order this book from Chile??
    I really want it
    Pleas answer!!!

  6. kauemoura says:

    Unfortunately I …
    Unfortunately I can’t buy this book here in Brazil, but I’m sure I’ll have it someday.


  7. mrmssaldana says:

    Hello, I would like …
    Hello, I would like to by this book
    I am in US where do I send the $30.00

    Thank you

  8. gratificus says:

    Wow, i really …
    Wow, i really admired it! The Chinese Consul for the Philippines just give me a reward, a Chinese Calligraphy set/tools… But they didnt include the Book…so i somewhat never use it! That’s why im going to by this book, really helps… ^_^ Tnx Yanghaiying…

  9. yanghaiying says:

    This is much better …
    This is much better, 桃寶詩
    tao, peach
    bao, treasure
    shi, poem

  10. b4oXoxthY says:

    yeahh.. it my …
    yeahh.. it my Vietnamese name translate into Chinese. it’s either that or this : 桃寶詩 . it’s Dao Bao-Thy

  11. yanghaiying says:

    Are you Chinese? Is …
    Are you Chinese? Is this a translated name? I guess this is a female name, right?

  12. b4oXoxthY says:

    can you teach me …
    can you teach me how to write this 桃寶施?

  13. yanghaiying says:

    Yes, on the …
    Yes, on the description of this video there is a link, brings you to my online shop. Browse around and let me know.

  14. jwinn098 says:

    Im very glad you …
    Im very glad you are doing this. Do you have a website I can order this book from. thank you again


  15. nejatarn says:

    我就要告诉您,您的英文太亟了!! 我希 …
    我就要告诉您,您的英文太亟了!! 我希望那天我说会中文跟你说会英文一样好。 You really inspired me!!!

  16. shuttergirlUK says:

    It looks very …
    It looks very interesting indeed. Thank you for putting this on YouTube. :)

  17. yanghaiying says:

    I will ship you …
    I will ship you this book as soon as I am in US, (Apr 6).
    I just came back from post office, it cost $30 dollars (almost same US dollars amount) to ship to you from Australia. So if you need to save some copies for your friends, let me know. I take them with me this time.

  18. greg95945 says:

    Haiying, this is …
    Haiying, this is such a wonderful idea, and I am so thankful for this teaching method. I for one will be anxious to get a copy of the text so that I can follow along as each of these lessons are taught. I will also be happy to share this with my friends. This is such a wonderful idea, and I am sure many will be taking these videos and using them to learn Calligraphy.

    Thank you,

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