Brush Techniques for Chinese Calligraphy Clerical Styles: Round vs Angular Brushstrokes

top chinese calligraphy 書法三個基本要素: 用筆、結構和章法。用筆之法有”方”"圓”之分。The secrets of creating numerous Chinese calligraphy styles are mainly about brush techniques, structures of characters, and the layout of characters in a work. Brush techniques for Chinese calligraphy can be summarized as round brushstrokes, angular brushstrokes, a combination of both with different percentages, and etc.

The statements in this video are deductive; they cannot cover all the creativity, broadness, and aesthetics of Chinese calligraphy styles if viewed literally. While inductive reasoning argues from the particular to the general, deductive reasoning argues from the general to a specific instance. For example, the word “duration” in the annotations may help a practitioner to understand that the ink tonalities, writing speed, length of each strokes, the nuances between the percentages of round and angular brushstrokes are all related to time (duration).


Duration : 0:6:21

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  1. artvirtue says:

    This one is ” …
    This one is “middle” white cloud. Thanks.

  2. bbornets says:

    It appears you are …
    It appears you are using a smaller brush. Are you? Thanks.

  3. artvirtue says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the comment. The basics are the fundamental of brush work for both calligraphy and painting.

  4. tutusgram says:

    This is such a …
    This is such a rich subject for study. Thank you for helping us to understand some of the basics. Ann

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