Chinese calligraphy 書法

top chinese calligraphy Chinese calligraphy ( 書法 ), pronounced as “shu fa”, is a high art practiced and esteemed throughout Chinese history and in many Asian countries.
Chinese calligraphy is the cornerstone of Chinese brush painting. If one has good foundation in Chinese calligraphy, s/he will master Chinese brush painting faster and easier than those who practice Chinese painting without a foundation in Chinese calligraphy. Many Chinese painting techniques are derived from Chinese calligraphy strokes.

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25 Responses to “Chinese calligraphy 書法”

  1. j0928228918 says:

    對有心學習書法的人,願特別推薦【毛筆基 …
    對有心學習書法的人,願特別推薦【毛筆基本法】公益學習官網­­, 對書法與毛筆的運用,可有無限收獲!

    請 google 搜尋【毛筆基本法】參考。

  2. luckey008 says:

    Man water is …
    Man water is everything But this is so beautiful

  3. TestedElk4 says:

    wooooow… very …
    wooooow… very very pretty…!!! hey… where do you bought that paper…???

  4. TestedElk4 says:

    wooooow… very …
    wooooow… very very pretty…!!!

  5. plus24seven says:

    great practice …
    great practice paper! I wonder where can I get one of this!..

  6. lcy256 says:

    Yes, it’s magic …
    Yes, it’s magic paper with water, but not for serious practice. Brush and ground ink are best for your progress.

  7. XChineseNewYearX says:

    Very good!! IS that …
    Very good!! IS that paper that magic water paper where you only need water to write?? Do you recomend it or any other things, (brushes, etc.) for a beginner??? Thank you!!!

  8. marybob321 says:

    that paper is sweet
    that paper is sweet

  9. WhouuuuuOKAY says:

    Really beautiful!
    Really beautiful!

  10. jackitbcoit says:

    Xie Xie for …
    Xie Xie for sharing this video.

  11. lcy256 says:

    It’s popular but …
    It’s popular but not formal or seriously regarded.

  12. bobbiewwilson says:

    Is water …
    Is water calligraphy common or popular?

  13. lcy256 says:


  14. lcy256 says:


  15. lcy256 says:

    Thank you.
    Thank you.

  16. lcy256 says:

    Thank you.
    Thank you.

  17. strawberryllive says:


  18. vbistro289 says:

    Beautiful writing.
    Beautiful writing.

  19. WowMommyDaddy says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. lcy256 says:

    Thank you.
    Thank you.

  21. MichalekMM says:

    wau, amazing, I …
    wau, amazing, I would like to know also so good writting

  22. lcy256 says:

    The sheet is …
    The sheet is commonly called Magic Paper or Water Writing Paper. No ink or paint is used.

  23. fact0is0fear says:

    What type of paint …
    What type of paint do you use.

  24. lcy256 says:


  25. Robby8skyline says:


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