Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration —Master Guoliang Huang

top chinese calligraphy Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration–Master Guoliang Huang
Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre

Duration : 0:1:39

8 Responses to “Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration —Master Guoliang Huang”

  1. Vikas Sheth says:

    wow! painting with …
    wow! painting with a mop with such accuracy is no joke!

  2. Nick Cavaioli says:

    1:03 Dat Ass.
    1:03 Dat Ass.

  3. riri2201988 says:

    is he Taiwanese?
    is he Taiwanese?

  4. Soccerninjaswagger says:

    Thats pretty chill …
    Thats pretty chill!!!!! With a mop no less!

  5. TrandomnesstwO says:

    You should become a …
    You should become a writer, hit the streets, mahfucka.

  6. TrandomnesstwO says:

    Magnificent …
    Magnificent handling of the mop.

  7. jeff61177 says:

    That is definately …
    That is definately a mop and not a 毛笔字!

  8. BentleyLeung says:


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