Chinese calligraphy lessons: 12. Brush pens

Here I talk about brush pens, their merits, and deficiencies compared to normal brushes. Brush pens are basically brushes with ink reservoirs and caps. The concept is good, but the execution is often bad. Brush pens’ writing quality is far below that of normal brushes. For now, students of calligraphy should still use normal brushes.

Duration : 0:9:4

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7 Responses to “Chinese calligraphy lessons: 12. Brush pens”

  1. spain395 says:


  2. brbmycatisonfire says:

    You sound like …
    You sound like Sips from the Yogscast

  3. calin4thewin says:

    Very meditative …
    Very meditative rhythm of speaking, sounds very good :)

  4. OtavioMangaka says:

    Nice job :)

    What …
    Nice job :)

    What brand is this pen? I really liked this model

    ~ Otavio ~

  5. Shakamuni says:

    So far, I can only …
    So far, I can only get decent calligraphy works with a brush pen (Pentel, Japan). With my chinese brushes there’s still something wrong (obviously it’s not my brushes’ fault… but for a begginer like me, a brush pen gives better results).

  6. 001Asoer says:

    I take it you’ve …
    I take it you’ve used this brush pen before. Perhaps you got a better sample than me, but I doubt it. The only thing I imagine could vary is how evenly the bristles spread. A change of paper or ink will not change that.

  7. alexmark19213 says:

    good for graffiti …
    good for graffiti stylized lettering

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