Chinese calligraphy painting master 溥心畬 Pu Hsin-Yu 1/5

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Chinese calligraphy painting master 溥心畬 Pu Hsin-Yu (1896-1963) Part 1/5

Duration : 0:3:32

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  1. magicscarfmike says:

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  2. cristobelle56 says:

    Thanks for all the …
    Thanks for all the helpful information especially the “A in the North, B in the South” culture. My appreciation… Best

  3. artvirtue says:

    You may search 南張北溥 …
    You may search 南張北溥 in Google Image. There are many stories about those two painters. 張大千 was the best known and best-selling Chinese painters of the last century. If you Google “Zhang Daqian” there are many free pictures of him.

  4. artvirtue says:

    Yes. It’s in the …
    Yes. It’s in the link to the Webpage. In Chinese culture when we talk about someone or something famous, we used to say “A in the North, B in the South” or “A in the West, B in the East.” For example, in martial arts we say “Southern Fists, Northern Kicks.”

    During the 1930s and 1940s, Pu Ru’s fame was on a par with that of Zhang Da-Chian ( 張大千 ). When people spoke of accomplished painters, they often referred to “Zhang in the south and Pu in the north ( 南張北溥 ).”

  5. cristobelle56 says:

    Hope you can help …
    Hope you can help me out here – I’d like to know what “Pu in the North” means ? Mr Pu Hsin-Yu is also known as Pu Ru ? Best,

  6. artvirtue says:

    I have tried to buy …
    I have tried to buy all books about Pu Ru from bookstores in Taiwan. Due to copyright owned by his wife and son “exclusively”, those paintings are not seen in public and on the Internet. Some are more magnificent than those included here. He was truly “Pu in the North” as a great painter.

  7. cristobelle56 says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for making this beautiful slide show of great works by Pu Hsin-Yu. I will check out more paintings at your website. Best,

  8. artvirtue says:

    I will share more …
    I will share more of Pu Ru’s calligraphy and painting later.

  9. artvirtue says:

    Thank you. Master …
    Thank you. Master Pu Ru had many fans during his lifetime.

  10. 生 莫 says:

    Beautiful painting …
    Beautiful painting ! I enjoy its more !

  11. artvirtue says:

    Me too. Thanks.
    Me too. Thanks.

  12. jisfruit says:

    Lovely, I love the …
    Lovely, I love the landscapes the most.

  13. artvirtue says:

    Thank you.
    Thank you.

  14. MrEdimal says:

    Something beautiful …
    Something beautiful, the greeting

  15. artvirtue says:

    Yes. They also …
    Yes. They also painted for a living. Both Pu Hsin-Yu and his friend Zhang Da-Chian had to earn a living by painting to support their wives and many children.

  16. bbornets says:

    Yes, they painted …
    Yes, they painted very slowly, I am sure.
    Red Dragonfly

  17. artvirtue says:

    Pu Ru and other …
    Pu Ru and other previous masters painted very slowly – for quality rather than quantity.

  18. twothr says:

    It’s not easy to …
    It’s not easy to find such high qualities these days. Thanks.

  19. artvirtue says:

    Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your beautiful stones and seals.

  20. 生 莫 says:

    Thank your …
    Thank your beautiful video very much !

  21. DFWcalligraphy says:

    The bookstores in …
    The bookstores in Dallas sell calendar scrolls of many Chinese painters for about $20. They hang like scrolls. I do not know whether they duplicate Pu Ru’s paintings on scrolls.

  22. artvirtue says:

    Thanks. I will …
    Thanks. I will upload more later. There are surely some private colletions of Pu’s work in Dallas but since they are valuable the collectors will not reveal to the public.

  23. DFWcalligraphy says:

    So beautiful are …
    So beautiful are Pu’s masterpieces!

  24. sf108com says:

    Pu Ru was one the …
    Pu Ru was one the top Chinese painters in 20the century. Now his work is hard to acquire.

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