“Eternity” – Chinese Calligraphy Lesson with Datong Xu

top chinese calligraphy Datong is my classmate at Nanjing Univ. He currently teaches Chinese calligraphy and painting in Tucson, AZ. We have been good friends for thirty years. Recently he visited our home in LA and had great time doing painting and calligraphy together. I requested him to do this video to demonstrate the evolution of Chinese writing system and Calligraphy for my YouTube channel viwers. In Chinese art esthetics, calligraphy and painting are of common origin. Hope you enjoy!

Duration : 0:6:26

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25 Responses to ““Eternity” – Chinese Calligraphy Lesson with Datong Xu”

  1. Leviwosc says:

    I think one need a …
    I think one need a special course to read the cursive forms of the characters.

  2. kiwididou says:

    @blueheronarts i’d …
    @blueheronarts i’d say 北京语言大学

  3. LabaykaYaMahdi says:

    Great video, thanks …
    Great video, thanks!

    Beautiful music

  4. dimitrastav says:

    @blueheronarts I …
    @blueheronarts I will do it for the summer!
    Thank you!

  5. dimitrastav says:

    Thank you!!!

    Thank you!!!


  6. blueheronarts says:

    @dimitrastav Check …
    @dimitrastav Check on google any university in China that has a calligraphy major (书法专业). Choose one suitable to your level.

  7. dimitrastav says:

    Do you know a good …
    Do you know a good school in China for stydying calligraphy?

  8. dimitrastav says:

    Do you know a good …
    Do you know a good school in China for stydying calligraphy?

  9. kentpaul65102 says:

    nice this is my …
    nice this is my second chinese name… full name being 李永祥

  10. Hawkforst9482 says:

    dude u r amazing!

    dude u r amazing!

  11. ChenStyleJohn says:

    Datong is amazing! …
    Datong is amazing! We miss studying with him. How do we get in touch with him now that he’s out of the country?
    Does anyone have his contact info?

  12. marcostagnozzi says:

    GRAZIE (italian ” …
    GRAZIE (italian “thank you”)

  13. BOBMAN1980 says:

    I took his …
    I took his calligraphy class at the University of Arizona. . .WHAT an artist.

  14. Salt7kum says:

    Thank you
    Thank you

  15. yamitanomura says:

    the cursive it’s …
    the cursive it’s just imposible for me

  16. yamitanomura says:


  17. 4sakes says:

    I am so impressed …
    I am so impressed with his work

  18. 4sakes says:

    most of all, the …
    most of all, the turning strokes are the most challenging for me, creating that shoulder on the strokes and varying the pressure.

  19. 4sakes says:

    your demonstrations …
    your demonstrations really made learning the technique much more clear for me. Especially the brush movements on the second brushstroke shown.

  20. LaBoricuaMasSuelta says:



  21. kashgurkha says:

    wow that looks …
    wow that looks really nice. whenever i do it, most of the time its pretty bad.

  22. lawrencejr3 says:

    說文解字永: 像水涇之長

    說文解字永: 像水涇之長
    According to Shuowen Jiezi Dicionary “Explaining Simple and Analyzing Compound Characters”, the seal character “eternity” refer to long and continuous water path. There is no “man” concept there.

  23. Zaphenath4 says:

    Thank you.
    Thank you.

  24. BlackLily888 says:


  25. jimmyjamesWang says:

    lol, good, but 甲乙丙丁 …
    lol, good, but 甲乙丙丁戊己庚 would have been good enough, because the other guy only has seven letters(A to G).

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