How to Hold A Chinese Calligraphy Brush 書法執筆

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How to hold a Chinese calligraphy brush
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Places to buy Chinese calligraphy brushes and Four Treasures

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18 Responses to “How to Hold A Chinese Calligraphy Brush 書法執筆”

  1. artvirtue says:

    @artvirtue …but …
    @artvirtue …but I am not sure about the exact number.

  2. artvirtue says:

    @peiwei205 There …
    @peiwei205 There are several popular ways but I am sure about the exact number. The method I am using for most instances is usually called Tiger Mouth Method or Dragon Eye Method by some people.

  3. peiwei205 says:

    How many kinds of …
    How many kinds of ways to hold a Chinese brush? Yours seems very different???

  4. artvirtue says:

    @spanish111japan …
    @spanish111japan Thanks. I have compiled several online stores in Links #4 from my Website and added in more info.

  5. spanish111japan says:

    Nice. Where can yo …
    Nice. Where can yo get a Chinese Caligraphy brush?

  6. artvirtue says:

    Thank you.
    Thank you.

  7. nobeznazwyno says:

    nice 隷書 at the end …
    nice 隷書 at the end…

  8. artvirtue says:

    Hope you enjoy your …
    Hope you enjoy your practice and progress.

  9. mistermjones2000 says:

    Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your effort. Very educational.

  10. artvirtue says:

    There are many ways …
    There are many ways to hold a Chinese brush. For calligraphy, generally I use this method. For painting, the methods may be very different.

  11. happydreamfreak says:

    isn’t it the way …
    isn’t it the way you hold any painting brush?

  12. artvirtue says:

    Turning in …
    Turning in different directions is very important.

  13. alec1978M says:

    Yes, roundness and …
    Yes, roundness and being able to turn in different angles are the points in ballet too.

  14. artvirtue says:

    The relevent info …
    The relevent info can be found when you search “center tip” from my website’s Google search.

  15. artvirtue says:

    In Chinese …
    In Chinese calligraphy, we have Center Tip Principle that requires brush to be straight for most of the time. In Chinese brush painting, the brush is held mostly slanted, say for outline or textures of mountains and rocks. (I am including a link in message.)

  16. smileyLOL101 says:

    i saw some other …
    i saw some other videos of calligraphy, but they werent holding the brush straight (or it didnt rly look straight) and painting characters, so absolutely how straight are we supposed to hold it?

  17. artvirtue says:

    There is no …
    There is no absolutely absolute… But there are some ways of holding brushes that should be avoided by beginners when practicing Standard Script of Tang Dynasty. Please refer to “Tutorial” of my website.

  18. smilingmatthias says:

    does that mean, …
    does that mean, that there is no fixed way to hold it, and that everyone needs to see for themselves?

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