Lishu Chinese Calligraphy Exercise 隸書書法練習 書聖相

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Please go to 秦汉 where the Clerical Styles were most popular in the Han Dynasty

Basics of Clerical Styles explained in Playlist

Unrelated sample characters in this video:
書 book; write
聖 sage; sacred; holy
相 mutually; each other

Written with a new Li Gang’s brush (new 2010 batches which are different from previous batches made in 2006 The differences are the ratios of width and length of the bristles.)

About Lishu Chinese calligraphy

How to hold a Chinese calligraphy brush (there are many methods and principles).
The one shown here with the camera angle emphasizes on the minimal gaps between the four fingers (not counting the thumb) as advocated by many Chinese calligraphers, such as Bai Jiao 白蕉 ( 1907-1969). Reasoning: focused strengths of fingers and coordinated control. To know more about this Chinese calligrapher and his calligraphy theories, please Google 白蕉.

Filename: Lishu Chinese Calligraphy Exercise Line 4 VERMILION 20110623.wmv

Duration : 0:3:8

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