OAS Chinese Calligraphy Lesson 2

top chinese calligraphy on this lesson we introduce a vertical bone stroke as we work on the number 10 , 20 , & 30. we also work on running style with the word fortune in honor of chinese new year.

Duration : 0:5:8

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4 Responses to “OAS Chinese Calligraphy Lesson 2”

  1. Wolfsbane909 says:

    Thank you, now I …
    Thank you, now I can add an new aspect to my art, CALLIGRAPHY! Since each character is so unique and tells an story and all it is just one character can describe so much. I still prefer cursive style, also I think you should explain why that symbol is always hung upside down in most homes, makes for a good story.

  2. Wolfsbane909 says:

    Well, that’s how …
    Well, that’s how you get a precise solid consistent strokes in the character with equal applied pressure.

  3. courtneygoesmoo says:

    your mom looks like …
    your mom looks like she would smack the shit out of you if you ever messed up

  4. evedust says:

    Enjoy all your …
    Enjoy all your lessons, show us the different sizes of the flow brush you use. If you could write the word for bird with a simple adjective that would be easy to write on painting.

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