Top master teaching Chinese Calligraphy 1 名師教書法 一

top chinese calligraphy Tian Yingzhang,from the mainland of China,is a top-rank classical Chinese calligrapher whose Kai Style calligrapy derived from OUyang Xun(one of the most powerful calligrapher in the whole Chinese history) is widely esteemed as NO.1 in modern China.
In this vid you will see how he embeded grace,decency and dignity into his writing.


Duration : 0:2:53

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  1. MsHumblestudent says:

    If you are studying …
    If you are studying calligraphy by yourself, you can be confident that this teacher is superb. I don’t understand enough spoken Chinese to understand Master Tian’s instructions, but the video is well done enough to be a big help.

  2. j0928228918 says:

    對有心學習書法的人,願特別推薦【毛筆基 …
    對有心學習書法的人,願特別推薦【毛筆基本法】公益學習官網­­, 對書法與毛筆的運用,可有無限收獲!

    請 google 搜尋【毛筆基本法】參考。

  3. Nayab Goraya says:

    loved it

    loved it

  4. arcturian627 says:

    Makes me regret …
    Makes me regret dropping chinese calligraphy when I was younger. I can only drool with admiration at his skill. :D

  5. Corrine Liaw says:

    我搞了好久都始终像鬼画符! 无意中 …
    我搞了好久都始终像鬼画符! 无意中发现了田老师的这段影片,跟着学习后居然能帮我’起死回生’ !!! 感谢不尽 ! ;-)

  6. shennvluohua says:

    it’s a pain in the …
    it’s a pain in the to upload a vedio with a proxy. and there are many other of his clips on youtube now,hope you enjoy them!

  7. shennvluohua says:

    Sorry,I haven’t …
    Sorry,I haven’t been on youtube for a long time because the “GREAT FIREWALL” is mush taller and my “ladder” failed to work.

  8. WPQ7070266 says:


  9. Sanpitsu says:

    This is wonderful. …
    This is wonderful. We are near 1000, so I hope we can see more of this videos please.

  10. kimsmells1 says:


  11. shennvluohua says:

    Thank you.
    Once …

    Thank you.
    Once the number of views reaches 1000, i’ll upload more of them.

  12. ChPaintingsNetwork says:

    Thanks for sharing. …
    Thanks for sharing. More please.

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