WEI BEI 魏碑 Chinese calligraphy Kai Shu: 豫洛俊

top chinese calligraphy http://www.art-virtue.com/styles/kai/index.htm#5 魏碑 (“Wei Bei”), a subset of Chinese calligraphy Kai Shu styles, is generally regarded as one of the best art forms for training the technical requirements of different Chinese calligraphy styles and Chinese painting genres. The great Chinese painter, Zhang Daqian, practiced Wei Wei and his calligraphy resembles the postures of Wei Bei.

豫 [ yu4 ]
洛 [ luo4 ]
俊 handsome [ jun 4 ] (The character written in the video is a Variant Chinese Character of 俊)

Duration : 0:5:40

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7 Responses to “WEI BEI 魏碑 Chinese calligraphy Kai Shu: 豫洛俊”

  1. artvirtue says:

    @UmbraMusha They …
    @UmbraMusha They say in our modern Chinese society we have about 2000 to 4000 frequently used Chinese characters. If you know around 3,000, that’s pretty enough for you to read newspaper and watch TV.

  2. artvirtue says:

    @UmbraMusha We call …
    @UmbraMusha We call our scripts Chinese characters or Hanzi 漢字 but not Chinese symbols. There is no requirement to know certain amount of Chinese characters before you start Chinese brush calligraphy. But you do not know enough Chinese characters, you probably would not go to far to an upper level of this art. 001Asoer has excellent videos explaining how one may start learning Chinese calligraphy or you may visit my Website’s Tutorial Webpages.

  3. UmbraMusha says:

    But I do :). I hope …
    But I do :). I hope I can ask you this question: I am from Europe but I have japanese relatives so I am quite interested in chinese characters (do you call them hanzi in chinese?). I wonder how many of they I should learn before I start with calligraphy? (Because I want to do so.) Is it important to be completely able to read first or is it ok to start if you know only some hundreds?

  4. artvirtue says:

    @UmbraMusha Thank …
    @UmbraMusha Thank you.

    It’s not necessary to admire me. I rely on the methodologies my teachers passed to me. If you know the methods that I am sharing, you can do that do.

    I am from Kaohsiung, Taiwan as stated in my Website’s profile.

  5. UmbraMusha says:

    Wow how I admire …
    Wow how I admire you. By the way, where are you from?

  6. artvirtue says:

    Thank you.
    Thank you.

  7. smilingmatthias says:

    very good structure …
    very good structure!! i love the complex characters

    5 shuriken

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