Xuan City: Hometown of Chinese Calligraphy / Painting Four Treasures Part 1 (Brush making processes)

top chinese calligraphy The Xuan writing brush, together with the famous Xuan paper, is made in Jing County, Anhui Province. In ancient times, Jing County was under the jurisdiction of Xuanzhou Prefecture, where the product got its name.
Scholars of the Jin Dynasty (256-420) were especially fond of the Xuan brush. During the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties, Xuanzhou became a writing brush manufacturing center, and the Xuan brush was listed as a tribute to emperors. At that time, folk artisans made a breakthrough in craftsmanship in selecting materials and polishing the shaft. Brushes were both sharp and neatly cut, and plump and smooth at the tip, enabling artists to write and paint freely. The Xuan brushes, made elaborately from brownish rabbit hair, are considered to be the best and come at a very high price.
Because of wars in the Song Dynasty, brush makers moved out of Xuan City toward the south as a consequence, Hu Zhou brushes also became very famous.

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