3D Chinese Painting Exhibition Screen Tests Stage 3 Animation Medieval Village

top chinese painting STAGE 3. Using Reallusions iClone v.3 Professional.
Animated Chinese Painting Exhibition in a Medieval Viollage Environment.
This is a series of panning screen tests for the scene through several different weather conditions. Snow, sun, night, mist etc.
So, now that I have this done I can concentrate on the pictures. The idea being to make the environment match the pictures… as best I can anyway.
It’s alot of fun but we will see the finished results soon.
Thanks for calling by.

3D Chinese Painting Exhibition Screen Tests Stage 2 Animation Medieval Village

Duration : 0:5:34

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13 Responses to “3D Chinese Painting Exhibition Screen Tests Stage 3 Animation Medieval Village”

  1. amirajadid says:

    inspiring visuals. …
    inspiring visuals. well done.

  2. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    The people look fun …
    The people look fun. I was given some characters by a Reallusion member, Alley, and the dress was important that the people were sort of shabby. if the clothes were not shabby they would not sut the scene. So I have some people now and I am just making them talk. Its taking a little longer thanI planned but its hapening.
    Thankyou for the Czech music you send my the way. I’ll reply tommorow.

  3. DANILISHINA says:

    wow, that sounds …
    wow, that sounds great! like a fairy tale….good idea for Chinese Art Exhibition, really, superb!

  4. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    Helo. It’ll be …
    Helo. It’ll be done in a day or so…. Just doing the gritty repetitive stuff now….
    Thankyou for calling by, I hope it entertained.

  5. gr8tbigtreehugger says:

    looks great!
    looks great!

  6. BlackLily888 says:

    Noo! Don’t roast …
    Noo! Don’t roast animals!! Make it a vegeterian village! :-D

  7. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    I hope. There are …
    I hope. There are oneof two glitches in its design but Ic an work around those. It would be good to have some birds or animals charging about and the odd hogroast on a spit…. But I can always spitroast a politician or something…. a Medieval Taxman perhaps.. Maybe I could have a Witch burning off side in one corner…. just for effect. :o)

  8. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    The toughie is …
    The toughie is people. :o)
    I have very few medieval people. Three I think. And I COULD make some clothes in CLone Cloth but….. time is of the essence here.
    So unless you know of any stray iClone Medieval characters…..
    the milling crowds will mainly have to be in Church while I film the exhibition. :o) Hah!
    Well, you have to wriggle out of tight corners sometimes even in Animation. :P

  9. dashpoet says:

    Brilliantly …
    Brilliantly accomplished!

  10. BlackLily888 says:

    Wow, Neil! This is …
    Wow, Neil! This is really amazing and wonderful!! I love it! It’s going to make a superb setting for your art!!!


  11. allpoint007 says:

    Looking forward to …
    Looking forward to seeing the finished scene with the paintings. very impressive use of Iclone. 5*

  12. yipyip2020yip says:

    Suddenly I found …
    Suddenly I found what you’ve created, the Medieval village, is a dream garden for everyone living in. That’s a beautiful place, without any pollution, calm and peace … …
    The changing weather , the seasoning greetings, these natural pretty sceneries are so touching.
    The fireflies, flying full of the air , and flying up up to the sky, so fantastic, that make us all fell in dreams.

    You created a wonderland with your purify heart. ^^~~

  13. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    The making of …
    The making of Englands very 1st ChinaTown. :o)
    I didn’t get to create the Paintings on Canvas today. I got wrapped up in screen tests and moving pots and barrels about.
    But this is a pleasant suite of pans and takes and in the final footage I can make the weather more suit the theme of the painitng…. and time of day and color of light and etc.
    The last element after the picture banners are the people. There will be a few.
    I also lke the frozen scene. That worked quite well.

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