Bamboo Lesson 3

top chinese painting Chinese painting lesson by Ning Yeh. Dr. Yeh teaches at Coastline College in Southern California. He is a winner of Emmy Award ( Best Instructional TV Series). This is part of a detailed lesson that features several different styles of bamboo paintings..

Duration : 0:3:43

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11 Responses to “Bamboo Lesson 3”

  1. rosewoodian says:

    Just watched all …
    Just watched all three and it is so amazing thatsomething so beautiful can be done so simply; thank you for sharing your knowledge

  2. YourPapiChulo73 says:

    you sr are amazing …
    you sr are amazing!!!simplicity and humbleness in any aspect of your experience…

  3. DOMEROCK83 says:


  4. cassie2fashion says:

    You are the …

    You are the best ! :D

  5. Fontainelecomte1 says:

    Whaou ! je ne suis …
    Whaou ! je ne suis pas prête de faire les bambous aussi bien. Je suis admirative. Bon c’est vrai que c’est un professeur. C’est superbe

  6. musokofe says:

    a question: after …
    a question: after painting for example a leaf, my brush stays very deformed. and its impossible to do the next stroke. i try not to press too much, but still.
    i am a begginer. are my brushes too soft, or that is normal in the beggining. please help.

  7. 4u250ut says:

    He made it looks so …
    He made it looks so simple.But I know its very hard.

  8. ghostbison says:

    simple and …
    simple and beautiful….that is real…!!!

  9. achanskiStefan says:

    Grate Video! …
    Grate Video! THANKS :)

  10. Andrea99894 says:

    Kawai! Lindo!( …
    Kawai! Lindo!( Brazil)

  11. ZengHuaXiansheng says:

    Really great vid! I …
    Really great vid! I like the expression of the bamboo painting – it looks like a living plant. Good composition but an expression of simplicity at the same time.
    It might look easy to paint bamboo and maybe it also is if you know how to do so. But if you only do one wrong stroke the painting can be destroyed. I tried to paint bamboo myself and failed many times though many people say that I’d be gifted in painting.

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