Chinese Painting – Court Ladies 仕女 by Zhang Daqian with Free Pictures Download 2/2

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To convert from Chinese years to Western calender:
This may help find out the years when Zhang painted those works.

Books about Chinese Court Ladies:

About Master Zhang Da-Chian:

Zhang’s Chinese calligraphy styles were derived from the “Wei Bei” styles. Pu Hsin-Yu had inscribed poems and calligraphy on Zhang’s paintings many times as shown in this video.

Chang Dai-ch’ien was born in Nei-chiang, Szechwan province, in 1899, and died in 1983 at the age of 85. As a painter he had his own unique style and was one of the greatest painters in the history of modern art. Moreover there are many legendary anecdotes from his life such as having studied textile dyeing in Japan and having joined a Buddhist monastery as a monk, and having journeyed to Tun-huang during wartime to make copies of the cave paintings. Wherever he lived, Chang Dai-ch’ien’s residences were expressions of his good taste. All of them, “Plum Blossom Village” in Szechwan, the “Garden of Eight Virtues” in Brazil, “Ko Yi Chu (The Habitable)” “Huan-pi Retreat” in the United States and the Abode of Maya in Wai-shuang-hsi, Taipei, had beautiful gardens.

張大千 Zhāng Dàqiān

Duration : 0:4:40

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    Zhang Daqian was …
    Zhang Daqian was probably the best selling Chinese painter in the 20th century. To prevent forgeries, he changed his painting styles and seals every five years.

    From the his signatures, I have looked up some years when he painted the court ladies:
    At 0:45, its 丙戌 1946
    At 0:56, its 庚辰 1940
    At 3:42, its 甲申 1944

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    The great master’s works are quite beautiful and represent earlier work. Is this correct?
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