chrysanthemum 1

top chinese painting A simple practice of Chinese painting of chrysanthemum in Chinese brush techniques is one of China’s best resources of Chinese painting videos and pictures download

Duration : 0:2:31

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10 Responses to “chrysanthemum 1”

  1. sf108com says:

    Chinese painting …
    Chinese painting will become easier if you have studied Chinese calligraphy brush strokes more deeply since the painting techniques are mostly derived from there. Yes, spirit is vital.

  2. cree69 says:

    looks that its so …
    looks that its so easy to paint, but it is very difficult. my teacher always say that if you paint a flower it should be not just a flower, it has to have a spirit

  3. sf108com says:

    Thanks. We got …
    Thanks. We got more.

  4. cree69 says:

    thats so wonderful
    thats so wonderful

  5. sf108com says:

    Thank you.
    Thank you.

  6. bbornets says:

    I agree with what …
    I agree with what Spruce said. Lovely combination of music and painting!

  7. ChPaintingsNetwork says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for sharing your words. We also have some painting videos.

  8. sf108com says:

    Thank you, Spruce. …
    Thank you, Spruce. We will upload better chrysanthemum paintings later.

  9. sprucelake7 says:

    This video reminds …
    This video reminds me: If you do T’ai Chi, try or otherwise try watching someone, doing it to Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto ( the slow movement). I find it uncanny the way Mozart seems to anticipate every move of T’ai Chi – beautiful complementary expressions of life at the highest level from East and West. This video seems to create the same kind of cooperation.
    Spruce of Labrador

  10. sprucelake7 says:

    Wonderful painting. …
    Wonderful painting. The music, which I think is from Bach, suits it very well, the way they both flow along smoothly and yet carefully touching base with their respective themes like pebbles on the bottom of a stream.

    Spruce of Labrador

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