How to Draw or How to Paint Dragon in Chinese Painting

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Duration : 0:6:11

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25 Responses to “How to Draw or How to Paint Dragon in Chinese Painting”

  1. tozziwazzi says:

    this dragon is …
    this dragon is flexing his bicep, like a boss! nice work thanks for posting

  2. CJ7815 says:

    Thïš ïś grëæt
    Thïš ïś grëæt

  3. Zaaxun says:

    wow very beautiful! …
    wow very beautiful! love dragons. its great to watch you go from start to finish and see it take shape. are you familiar with chinese lore? if you could help me with a question i sure appreciate it, i recently got a small sculpture carved from wood. its a dragons head on the body of a warhorse with scaled armor, saddle and its right front foot is raised resting on a ball like a globe. is this anything symbolic? i tried research but found nothing. thanks and great painting!

  4. Callibanda says:

    Nice and relaxing
    Nice and relaxing

  5. animejunkie10 says:

    one thing i love …
    one thing i love about calligraphy art and asian style is that if the artist or calligrapher makes what most would call a mistake, they have been trained to accept it as a piece of their work and add it to it’s character. Perfection isnt key but character, form, and meaning is. Thank you for sharing!

  6. NinhPianoAndArt says:



    This is a good tutorial for dragon heads! (More western style)

  7. chamman1998 says:

    i like the way you …
    i like the way you did this, it has so much character

  8. NFSCREWtv says:



  9. jmjr2424 says:

    anime and manga …
    anime and manga pwns this!

  10. TristanNinjaBoy121 says:

    thts what i call …
    thts what i call asian art..or wud u say chinese art :]…wow imm soo porud to be asian juss by watchin this painting….^_^

  11. MikeMusik410 says:


  12. MissCuteShadow says:

    Very nice ^^
    Very nice ^^

  13. jahlove111 says:


  14. nivarica says:


    我叫马小龙,我是英国人 …




  15. ViktorY2000 says:


  16. LikeAPeasant says:

    i love your …
    i love your painting! im trying to learn how to draw chinese dragons for tattoos!

  17. MrEarthman123 says:

    chinese dragons are …
    chinese dragons are so cool they are my favorite dragon

  18. florence123cry says:

    nihaooo man u are …
    nihaooo man u are goood,, <3

  19. blueheronarts says:

    @Xkiller3397 Thanks …
    @Xkiller3397 Thanks! You can find a set of basic 3 Chinese bamboo brushes at our online store: 1)Wolf hair brush; 2)Soft-stiff combination brush; and 3)Small Weasel brush for a very reasonable price $14.95. @ blueheronarts. com

  20. blueheronarts says:

    Japanese Sumi ink …
    Japanese Sumi ink or Chinese ink. We have both bottled or grind ink available at our online store BlueHeronArts. com

  21. davidmarkable says:

    what kind of ink do …
    what kind of ink do you use?

  22. musicgamesnmore says:

    really impressive …
    really impressive man

  23. Xkiller3397 says:

    Are you an art …
    Are you an art teacher? Cause you should be!!!! Chinese paintings are so cool! Some people say i color like some chinese person. One more question. What kind of paint brush is that?

  24. FantasticArts85 says:

    Once again a …
    Once again a beautiful drawing.
    I admire the detail in this one.
    Have a nice day,

  25. SonicWolvelina99 says:

    I’m shocked that …
    I’m shocked that this doesn’t have many views and comments. It deserves more. This is very pretty. :3

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