How to Mount Chinese Painting or Sumi-e (1)

top chinese painting Please visit to buy the mounting brushes, alum and other supplies.

This video shows you the materials needed to mount Chinese painting.

Duration : 0:8:9

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24 Responses to “How to Mount Chinese Painting or Sumi-e (1)”

  1. blueheronarts says:

    Thanks for letting …
    Thanks for letting me know that!:-)

  2. RossoM70 says:

    I have used your …
    I have used your tecnique with great results…thank you….Rossana From Rome Italy

  3. blueheronarts says:

    Sorry I don’t know …
    Sorry I don’t know the answer to your question. You might want search the info on Google. You don’t have to use alum. You can find the right alum at BlueHeronArts Com website.

  4. FrankT777 says:

    I really need to …
    I really need to know, but isn’t alum acidic? so over time wouldn’t it destroy the paper? because i know some museums are having trouble preserving old paper that has been sized with alum , or isn’t a different kind of alum (because there are quite a few kinds)? thanks for anything you can tell me.

  5. blueheronarts says:

    Well, alum is a …
    Well, alum is a size and I thought it could also be a sort of preservative. I could be wrong. One thing is for sure though, and that is, salt is not a preservative. Do not add salt in your mounting paste as the other instructor suggests on Youtube. Thank you!

  6. blueheronarts says:

    Yes, the backing …
    Yes, the backing paper should be rice paper. Any kind of rice paper would work, but I use mulberry paper for backing.

  7. DFCcaptain3 says:

    Is the piece of …
    Is the piece of backing paper also rice paper?
    If not, what kind of paper?

  8. belonij says:

    Alum is not …
    Alum is not preservative.

  9. blueheronarts says:


  10. leetecture says:

    what are those …
    what are those little clear rocks?

  11. lovelylakecs says:

    a great vedio, …
    a great vedio, thanks alot, I just draw painting, but could not find a shop to doing the mounting job, so i am very grade to see this vedio. but i have a question, what kind of thicker paper to sticky on the painting? how many papers we need to use?

  12. ApesHaveNoTails says:


  13. blueheronarts says:

    That is a mounting …
    That is a mounting brush made of fine palm tree fibers. You may fine it at my eBay store: blueheronartscom (or search my ebay id “greetingland”).

  14. bradyhansen0813 says:

    What is the Hard …
    What is the Hard Brush you use to connect the mounting paper to the painting? I am trying to find something so I can start mounting my paintings….=)

  15. shybuttcute says:

    Great videos, …
    Great videos, thanks a lot for posting. I have a doubt: must I buy alum in big pieces, like in stones, and then I break it into small pieces, or must I buy it in grain or similar? Yours looked like stones, is it easy to break? Thanks a lot! I am going to try to mount for the very first time :)

  16. vicnoun says:

    Hi sorry for my …
    Hi sorry for my english the fact is I couldn’t find the right word for “placemate” so that’s it

  17. blueheronarts says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for sharing, Rossana. I never heard of hard plastic tablecloth.How think it is?

  18. vicnoun says:

    I tell you what I …
    I tell you what I have used.I used a single hard plastic tablecloth the one we use for the breakfast. I made the glue as you show with flavour and allum (my husband uses it for the cuts of the shave) then I put the glue with a large paint brush, I put the newspaper on and press with a large and thick bath brush. then I put the picture on a wood panel as you did, wait until dried………WOW fantastic!!!!!
    Thank you very much.

  19. vicnoun says:

    Great I made as you …
    Great I made as you explain in the two videos…you are a very good teacher. I’m from italy and it’s very difficult here to find material and people who knows about chinese painting.Even if don’t have your mounting brushes I made a very good job.

  20. misslc579 says:

    I enjoy when you …
    I enjoy when you make videos like this (part 1 and 2 of the how-to series)– you explain the entire process. It makes it easier for people to learn; especially if they’ve never done it. Great job– keep up to great work! You’re very talented! :)

  21. OckGal says:

    Cappy! I didn’t …
    Cappy! I didn’t even think that it could be him. I wish I had your talent (I know you hear that a lot). All the things I could make family and friends!

  22. blueheronarts says:

    Thanks! I drew …
    Thanks! I drew Cappy, the family dog on the shirt.

  23. OckGal says:

    By the way, your …
    By the way, your shirt is SO cute.

  24. OckGal says:

    When you paint a …
    When you paint a picture and decide to hang it in your house, do you ever take it down to put up a newer painting you’ve done? With all the paintings you do, you could change them every other day, hehe!

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