I got Chinese painting/calligraphy video

top chinese painting I am so happy that we can all learn the from the best

Duration : 0:4:55

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6 Responses to “I got Chinese painting/calligraphy video”

  1. angixm says:

    Ni Hao, Haiying! …
    Ni Hao, Haiying! :)
    This is how meimei, gege & wo feel when we open your packages!!! ;)
    Wo Ai Ni!

  2. dida079 says:

    hahahaha..so …
    hahahaha..so exciting. Was cool to see how happy you were

  3. 333chongo333 says:

    :) this is truly …
    :) this is truly wonderful!

  4. rowkitty says:

    excellent! I love …
    excellent! I love presents! I can hear all of those massive eruptions of joy from your voice!

  5. zigfil says:

    It’s great how you …
    It’s great how you get all excited about your mail. Keep that excitement and great painting skills!

  6. JoshuaHults says:

    wow i love when …
    wow i love when something comes in the mail that i have been waiting for, its almost like christmas ! I am happy for you !

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