Peony, Rose, Orchid, and Flowers Chinese painting by Cui Qingguo 02

top chinese painting Google Chinese painting pictures 崔庆国
Famous Chinese painter 崔庆国 teaches Chinese flower and bird paintings
Basic skills of watercolor and Chinese calligraphy are recommended for learning these popular subjects.

Duration : 0:8:47

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23 Responses to “Peony, Rose, Orchid, and Flowers Chinese painting by Cui Qingguo 02”

  1. mnguevarac says:

    Very interesting, …
    Very interesting, Xiexie laoshi!!

  2. Basia Kasia says:

    Most beautiful …
    Most beautiful presentation !!!! I came across this quite by chance and held my breath throught. Each stroke has a purpose !!! Each precise and meaningful yet totally efortless !
    Absolutely marvelous !!

  3. tigrauskas says:

    супер! Всё …
    супер! Всё гениальное просто!!!!о как красиво!!! Загляденье!!!

  4. marysart1 says:

    awesome :))
    awesome :))

  5. willbraham says:

    May I upload this …
    May I upload this to my tumblr page? I read the comment your comment was in response too and was like suuurrreee…how beautiful can such simple strokes be? Oh wow, what ignorance i have become guilty of. Amazing. Not only extraordinarily skillful, but also it somehow seems so serene and peaceful. Almost like a form of meditation through the simplicity of one stroke.

  6. morasaya1 says:

    Wonderful, …

  7. WhenShadowsFall1 says:

    What the the …
    What the the subtitles are in I’m thinking Chinese and he’s speaking something like mandarin. Oh well that’s why you have to learn to watch the flow of the brush strokes and how the brush is loaded. Amazing piece of art, I never can get over how deliberate ever stroke is with Chinese painting.

  8. Acdc3154 says:

    Wha Wha what???? …
    Wha Wha what???? Were in America misterrr

  9. Chichiri520 says:

    Thank you! This is …
    Thank you! This is so helpful! Not only to I learn to paint more things, but I also learn more techniques too! Take care!!

  10. Winxclubisawesome9 says:

    Are you saying …
    Are you saying Manderin?

  11. AiKatsumi says:

    i dont understand a …
    i dont understand a thing he’s saying, but dam that was good, and it also sort of helped

  12. elasetti says:

    I would like it to …
    I would like it to have subtitles as i would also like to learn the culture.

  13. MKA88888 says:

    What kind brush he …
    What kind brush he used? I would like to know everything about magic brush. THANKS!

  14. riikuyoo says:

    when he was …
    when he was painting and the brush was bent , i had a urg to bend is the other way , but also great drawings

  15. scorpioo says:

    its cool how the …
    its cool how the painting is so quick, efficient and still retain its beauty =D

  16. europe2359 says:

    Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your nice sharing.^_^

  17. HeatherMBC says:

    Thank you so much …
    Thank you so much for sharing these tutorials. AWESOME.

  18. lberenyimezohegyes says:

    I agree with all …
    I agree with all praises for that demonstration.

    Is there any demonstration for painting convolvulus flower as well?

    Thanks in advance

  19. Mrantichrist2013 says:

    U dont need to …
    U dont need to understand what hes saying art is a universal Language

  20. sikhwarrior1000 says:

    I don’nt understand …
    I don’nt understand a word that was said but that was beautiful!

  21. MsFreya1998 says:

    wow nice!
    wow nice!

  22. xXMelleeeXx says:

    is that water …
    is that water painting??

  23. 2468shamim says:



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