Peter Suk-Sin Chan- Chinese Painting – Art Exhibition

top chinese painting This video is taken by me in which you can see many artist’s work and my painting too. This video show one of my painting-the 2 birds up in a Cherry Blossom tree.Which symbolize,you are moving right up to the top in anything you do, a very good oman . I hope you like this paitning and my name is Peter Suk-Sin Chan

Duration : 0:0:37

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16 Responses to “Peter Suk-Sin Chan- Chinese Painting – Art Exhibition”

  1. LuckyPeter888 says:

    great to hear from …
    great to hear from you ….i just finish the big Toronto art expo and sold some paintings , very happy. will try to post more painting exhbiition in youtube soon with my painting. Love to see your art works

  2. shybuttcute says:

    Hello again! I have …
    Hello again! I have finally posted some videos of my first chinese paintings. I am just a begginer, but I think I am improving :) BTW, I love your painting with the birds and … plum blossom? What kind of flower is it? When is going to be your solo exhibition? I hope you post some videos of your last paintings and your exhibition. Greetings from Spain ;)

  3. LuckyPeter888 says:

    thank you for your …
    thank you for your kind wishes, hope to keep in touch

  4. NorwegianArtist65 says:

    Best of luck with …
    Best of luck with your solo exhibition in 2008.

  5. LuckyPeter888 says:

    love to see …
    love to see can sent it to my enmail address.

    I am sure your painting are good.

  6. shybuttcute says:

    ok! i´m going to …
    ok! i´m going to take some pictures of my firsts paintings. I am not too proud of them, but hope to improve in the future! how can i post you them?

  7. LuckyPeter888 says:

    wow… are …
    wow… are really special….great….i am sure it is not a common hobby in your country,but dont worry , art is international, you will be even more special ….keep your interest….i wish you all the best…i hope you can post me some of your painting to see and photo of you doing Chinese painting…..

  8. shybuttcute says:

    Hi again. I´m …
    Hi again. I´m european, spanish. It´s not a very common hobby here in Spain :)

  9. LuckyPeter888 says:

    thank you so much …
    thank you so much for your subscribed of my painting video, really happy. Also thank you for your kind remark……well, i am sure you are a good artist too, hope you love Chinese traditional painting….are you Chinese or European?

  10. shybuttcute says:

    wow i´ve seen your …
    wow i´ve seen your paintings in other videos and they are really gorgeous. i´ve subscribed to them :) This one with the birds is the most delicate and beautiful of them all. I really love it. I´ve just began to paint in the traditional chinese way, but i´m so bad for now!! Congrats ;) BTW, you look younger than 37!

  11. LuckyPeter888 says:

    i am happy that …
    i am happy that you enjoy watching the video of the art works by me and some other good artists. that is really great

  12. LadyTigerLily says:

    So very lovely. …
    So very lovely. You must have a good eye and a graceful hand to do Chinese painting. Like Caligraphy. Thank you for showing your exhibition.

  13. LuckyPeter888 says:

    i wish one day i …
    i wish one day i will have exhbition in Hong Kong so i will definately invite you to come. My solo painting exhbition will be in 2008 in toronto, ontario canada

  14. melaniemlcheung says:

    Wish your …
    Wish your exhibition was in HK so that I can have a view of it.  Which part of Canada was it held at?

  15. LuckyPeter888 says:

    thank you so much …
    thank you so much for your kind remark, best wish to you. from Peter

  16. catnapping says:

    stunning. beautiful …
    stunning. beautiful, beautiful!

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