Raggedy Sparrow Meets Cricket. “Greetings!” Chinese Brush painting plants birds animals, Almost…

top chinese painting I have always enjoyed the miniature Raggedy Birds, just merely a celebration of ink and paint and paper. Tiny. And its fun to see their gruff lil faces as they come face to face with Crickets.
I almost slipped up and gave the Cricket a European Top Hat….
Anyway, this was a cheerful practice at the days ending. And I am pleased with the colours.
This is Red Star paper bought for me by a good friend in Dallas. It is very difficult to work with if you are not Chinese trained.

Duration : 0:5:54

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21 Responses to “Raggedy Sparrow Meets Cricket. “Greetings!” Chinese Brush painting plants birds animals, Almost…”

  1. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    Hello. The paints I …
    Hello. The paints I use are MARIES Chinese Watercolour paints. :o)
    I hope you enjoyed what you saw.
    Best wishes.

  2. foreverqtpie says:

    Your incredibly.. …
    Your incredibly..it’s so clean and refreshing! If you int mind me asking what paint medium do to use??

  3. clashtheclown says:

    Wow! I am so happy …
    Wow! I am so happy to find these videos to help give me ideas for face and body art! Thanks so much!

  4. BlackLily888 says:

    Yesterday evening …
    Yesterday evening your spirit took a break…today it will be even brighter! ( ^)>

    Don’t tell me you also speak Chinese….you would be way to awesome to imagine!


  5. ChineseCalligraphy says:


  6. BlackLily888 says:

    ( ^)> 晚上好 !
    ( ^)> 晚上好 !

  7. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    Crickets are known …
    Crickets are known to be very polite. :o)

  8. ChineseCalligraphy says:


  9. sin4frnds says:

    i agree…
    i agree…

  10. BlackLily888 says:

    I love this one…. …
    I love this one….it’s the cutest scene! <3

  11. LuKunfeng says:

    I would like to …
    I would like to apologise on behalf of China for the disgust Racist attacks you have suffered from SF108. They are not Chinese. Just money mongers for spam banners on a forum exploit. So sorry. They ashame us.

  12. 314mathematic says:

    Very impressive …
    Very impressive painting. I also love the creativity of painting the cricket with a hat. Both of them looks lively and the composition of the whole painting is wonderful. :-)

  13. x103387x says:


  14. allpoint007 says:

    great video, very …
    great video, very impressive talent you have.

  15. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    I enjoyed painting …
    I enjoyed painting it. It is an idea of mine. I enjoy the interactivities of the SParrows and Crickets, they both tolerate each other. :P

  16. ArabianWatchYou says:

    this is amazing!
    this is amazing!

  17. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    I think he says, ” …
    I think he says, “Greetings!” :o)

    “問候 [wen4 hou4] To give someone one’s respects. Greetings.”

    I can only rely on the word of the translator.
    As far as I am concerned, he cold be saying anything. :)

  18. kasumisman says:

    lol the cricket is …
    lol the cricket is like saying “good day mate” XDD lol

  19. yipyip2020yip says:

    I think you’re a …
    I think you’re a funny guy.
    Have a lovely heart.

  20. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    :) I think the …
    :) I think the sparrows are too cute not to have a social life. And the Crickets have a sharpness about them that begs intelligence. Heh!

  21. dipchips says:

    Hahahahaa, cricket …
    Hahahahaa, cricket greeting the sparrow. It’s very cute & funny! This is what art makes fun to do (the freedom within). Good work!

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