Traditional Chinese Painting -Chinese flower bird painting – Pure Chinese Art! Nothing more.

top chinese painting Traditional Chinese Painting -Chinese flower bird painting – Pure Chinese Art! Nothing more.Chinese Bird and Flower Paintings Well, I’m still working on my Ox’s. Heh! This evening here’s one of the three I did but the main highlight of the day was a Parcel from Rev. Yao Feng Shakya who sent me some of his paintings which are beautiful.漢語。 繪畫。 水彩。 藝術。
Many thanks to him. I’ll do a short video of the paintings he sent me. I love his painting.
Chinese Oxen. Or a Chinese Ox anyway.

“Best Friends!” Chinese Bird and Flower & Ox Painting.

Duration : 0:2:39

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7 Responses to “Traditional Chinese Painting -Chinese flower bird painting – Pure Chinese Art! Nothing more.”

  1. DennisOnshaw says:

    @ChineseCalligraphy …
    just what one needs for a peaceful read….
    where can I get the book??

  2. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    @DennisOnshaw Hi, …
    @DennisOnshaw Hi, How is your day. Me too. I watched it through. It was very much fun to paint in my Oxen phase. I have tried to paint everything to see how it works. And each time I paint something normally by 99.9% it is the first time I ever have and I post it anyway. Hoping to bring some Europeans forwards who try the Chinese Ways.
    ANyway… Glad it brings a smile. They are meant to.
    Bye for now.

  3. DennisOnshaw says:

    hi Neil, this is …
    hi Neil, this is just wonderful.. had to watch this again…cheers..
    Envy yr skill also with the chinese calligraphy!

  4. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    No one ever asks …
    No one ever asks what the translations are. I give them if they ask. :o)
    This one is a Tang verse and says,
    “I follow the blue rill,
    To the stream of yellow blooms.
    It winds from hill to hill
    till far away it looms.

    It roars amid pebbles white,
    and calms down under pines green.
    Weeds float on ripples light,
    Reeds mirrored like a screen.

    Minds carefree, alone;
    The clear stream flows with ease.
    I would sit on a stone,
    To fish whereever I please.”

  5. BlackLily888 says:

    heehee! It’s hot …
    heehee! It’s hot here too! :-D

    This is so darling, Neil! What do the chinese writings say? Cheers!

  6. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    :o) Hi Mark. Just …
    :o) Hi Mark. Just practicing. I dont find it easy, but I find it very enjoyable.
    I got a parcel through the mail today from Rev. Yao Feng Shakya; he sent some of his paintings through. They are beautiuful.
    I’ll do a video on them later.
    ANyway, I hope the world treats you well.
    Best wsihes.

  7. dashpoet says:

    I like the humour …
    I like the humour of the bird in this one!

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