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top chinese painting Yang O-shi is one of the most under celebrated Chinese Artists in Europe. Why is it that Europe so insists on ignoring Chinese Art?
Here is a very GOOD look inside Yang O-shi’s book Painting Little Birds. if you want to see the simplest instruction manual, AND plants, leaves, flowers, trees, branches, boughs and other elements like bees, crickets and moths as incidental parts of her compositions this is the book for you.
I have been studying Yang O-shi for the last three months and trying my hand at her work for about 6 weeks.
This really IS a book you should have.
I cannot paint, and never have but this book has shown me with its inspirational style, the means to work hard enough to make a bird in chinese paints.
My best wishes to Yang O-shi.

Duration : 0:3:29

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    this book is VERY …
    this book is VERY COOL AND USEFUL!

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